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osmia organics luster lip gloss

At the exact time I’m building up my big-girl lipstick collection, my lips get hit with the dry, chapped, flakies that make creamy lip colors a no-go.

This, in addition to my clumsiness with bold lipstick in general, is why I will always be a lip gloss girl.

A new lip gloss that I’m loving for days when I want sheer color and extra moisture (dry lips be gone!) is Osmia Organics’ Luster.

osmia organics luster lip gloss

{Osmia Organics sent me a sample of Luster, its signature 0.3-ounce lip gloss that retails for $15. Photo by the Teacher Man}

If you’re looking for bright, bold color, Luster is not for you.

Instead, Osmia Organics’ Luster offers a pretty lip color in a jelly consistency and a hint of deep beet red (thanks to real beet root!).

osmia organics luster lip gloss

{Photo by the Teacher Man}

The consistency of Luster may not be suitable for the swipe-and-go crowd, though.

The gloss is sort of thick and compacted when it comes out of the tube, and it isn’t super easy to spread. I suggest dabbing it on with your fingers to get the color to disperse evenly — this will also help amp up the shine that the beeswax/lanolin/vitamin E concoction offers.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients:

osmia organics luster

Wild-harvested alkanet powder and organic beet root-infused organic castor bean oil, organic beeswax, lanolin, GMO-free vitamin E oil

The list looks pretty good, but lanolin can cause allergic reactions in some people, and I’m unsure of what’s in the blend of organic essential oils (the lip gloss is odorless to me!).

Luckily, Sarah, the MD-turned-natural beauty entrepreneur behind Osmia Organics, is easily accessible on Twitter and welcomes questions and comments from natural beauties everywhere!

My final word on Luster? It’s my favorite during this dry, chapped lip time (hello, January) of the year. It makes me feel like I’m caring for my lips in both the color and the treatment areas, and it doesn’t draw attention to the flakies that are slowly sloughing off my lips.

Have you tried Luster or any other Osmia Organics products (I’m a HUGE fan of the spot treatment!)? What do you look for in a natural lip gloss? Tell me in the comments section below. may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

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  • Osmia Lip Luster is my favorite gloss. You must try the Honey-Myrrh Lip Repair. I couldnt live without it. I can’t live without Osmia in general. It’s my favorite skincare line in the world! Great review and beautiful photos. Your eye makeup is gorgeous!

  • @britanie thanks babe! the honey-myrrh has been added to my “to-try” list :) osmia is absolutely wonderful!!!

  • I can’t wait to hear what you think when you try the lip repair. It’s my must have. I have never tried anything from Osmia that I didn’t love. So happy to see you reviewing Sarah’s products!


  • @britanie im sure i will love it! im pretty picky when it comes to lippies, but this one sounds divine. osmia is going to be the next big organic brand in 2013!!!

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