September 20, 2012

beauty secrets | 10 best cities for your skin | daily glow infographic

I’ve been traveling a lot lately (currently in North Carolina, Arkansas last week and Vegas the weekend before).

Travel tends to wreak havoc on my skin because of the interruption to my skin care routine, the tendency to not drink enough water or eat great food (vacation eating be damned!) and the effects of dry, sky-high air.

But actual travel issues aside, have you ever thought about why particular cities may or may not be as great for your skin?

Daily Glow, a fabulous website devoted to all things beauty, put together this interesting infographic and slideshow naming the best and worst cities for your skin.

Where does your hometown rank?

10 best and worst cities for your skin via daily glow

 Don’t like what you see? Tell me the best thing you do for your skin in your city (i.e., when I come to your hometown next, I want to get a great facial!)

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  • Interesting article kim! i dont like what i see bc 2 of the worst states are charlotte and san diego! which is where i have lived for the past 7 yearS! :) haha but very cool

  • Ooh go NY! Can’t believe we’re that high on the list. Honestly, I don’t get skin treatments out of the house as often as I should, but if you’re ever in our area, I could definitely hook you up with a great facialist we’ve known for years! ;)

    sorelle in style

  • Glad to see NYC is on the list. :) We like our skin out here.

  • @julie thanks girl! too bad we have both been in bad-skin zones recently (and you lived there!). i am hoping that the beach and fresh air in san diego helps cancel some of the bad stuff! xo

  • @jilly i will take u up on that offer!

  • @carolyn i like your skin :) haha

  • Oh NO!! Fort Worth is on the BAD list! LOL! I don’t go to a tanning bed though. Whew!

    xo, sam

    **Style of Sam**

  • @samantha lol uh oh! at least you’re in the clear. tanning beds = wrinkles = bad

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