August 28, 2012

style spy | nate from kansas city, missouri

Today, I’m introducing a new post series that allows me to showcase more fashion from around the Kansas City community — and it includes guys, too!

“Style Spy” is devoted to the stylish Midwesterners I encounter every day, from work to play.

I’m excited to kick the series off with a fashionable coworker, Nate, who is a twenty-something, self-described “yupster.”

style spy nate in kansas city

So, OK, what the heck is a “yupster,” you ask?

As Nate puts it, it’s a combination of a hipster and a yuppie.

Yes, he wears fitted jeans.
No, he doesn’t look ironic.
Yes, he cleans up well.
No, he isn’t decked out in 80s-inspired duds.

A “yupster,” in my opinion, is a guy who takes on the preppy look without completely giving in to the J.Crew catalog.

style spy nate in kansas city

I think Nate does a good job of finding quality, American-made clothing and mixing in classic pieces (cardigans, button-downs) with trendier looks (thick glasses).

style spy nate in kansas city

Yes, Nate does need these glasses — they aren’t fake just to look cool. But, unfortunately, I have yet to find someone in my age range who is blinder than me!

style spy nate in kansas city

This will be a never-ending question when it comes to men’s coats and cardigans: Should you leave the top button or the bottom button open?

I always learned that it was the bottom button (I worked in a men’s department in college), but Nate is showing the undone top button here. I think it works both ways on lean body types. No bulges!

style spy nate in kansas city

I like the little pop of color from his button down that peeks out from his cardigan sleeves. Again, a classic look, but it feels fresh on a young professional.

style spy nate in kansas city

I like that Nate’s jeans fit him well, but are not skin-tight. It’s a classic, straight-leg look in a pair of quality jeans that hit the perfect spot on top of his shoes.

And can we take a peek at the shoes for a second? These aren’t offensive boat shoes (sorry, Sperry-lovers), yet have that same, casual cool vibe in a style that is a little more grown-up.

style spy nate in kansas city

Here’s how to get the look:

Shirt // Slim Fit, Banana Republic
Cardigan // Banana Republic
Shoes // Allen Edmonds
Jeans // Baldwin
Glasses // Seraphin
Hair // Chop Tops cut styled with Paul Mitchell Clean Cut Medium Hold

So, ladies and gents, what do you think of Nate’s classic style? I give it an A!

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  • Carolyn

    Holy cow, Nate’s a cutie! Love his look — I can really appreciate a stylish man. What a great new feature, Kimmie!

  • Susan

    Awesome! I love that you’re including some men’s fashions now, because I’m trying to clean up my husband’s look, and I need some inspiration. I like this outfit a lot—although I’d never get Nick to wear a cardigan. I was actually just eyeing a shirt like that for him the other day, so it’s nice to see it “styled.” Excellent outfit, Nate. And great idea, Kim! I’m excited for more Style Spy posts.

  • Anne W

    Oooh I like this new series! I love a man in a cardigan…sadly the BF is not the cardigan type…ha.

  • Kristina

    Nice style for sure! And I love the “yupster” thing haha! xoxo

  • kimberlyloc

    @carolyn isn’t he cute? i like the classic look, and he has good taste in denim.

  • kimberlyloc

    @susan you can’t go wrong with a nice button-down from banana! it just needs to fit well — the slim fit works so great with long & lean body types…no one like balloon arms :)

  • kimberlyloc

    @anne that’s ok! what does your man wear? i may need to spy some style in chicago soon…:)

  • kimberlyloc

    @kristina haha the “yupster” phrase cracks me up. he OWNS it :)

  • Anne W

    @kimberlyloc yes, visit!!

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