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burt's bees lip shimmer in plum @kimberlyloc

I love lippies. However, I’m more into glosses and washes than lipsticks.

This is mostly because I’m perpetually late in the morning and can’t devote the time and skill to perfecting a gorgeous, lined-and-filled lip.

For mornings when I just want to slick something on and go, but still look a little put-together, I’ve been using Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer in Plum.

This bold-for-me lip shimmer delivers a jolt of deep color to my naturally rosy lips, and it moisturizes with shea butter and tingles with a hint of peppermint.

burt's bees lip shimmer in plum @kimberlyloc

{This is a bit of a deeper color than my norm, but it’s so perfect for fall. Photo by the Teacher Man}

I picked up this lippie at Walgreens (it was on sale!) along with a few other random drugstore items. I have always been a fan of Burt’s Bees, though its acquisition by Clorox a few years back concerned me.

Because of this, I definitely proceed with caution when purchasing Burt’s Bee’s products. but for the most part, they seem to still carry on the traditional values set forth by the original owners.

burt's bees lip shimmer in plum @kimberlyloc

{Photo by the Teacher Man}

Also, I appreciate that all the ingredients are listed right there on the skinny little lippie’s packaging. Check it:

Castor seed oil, sunflower seed oil, beeswax, euphorbia cerifera wax, peppermint oil, lanolin, cocoa seed butter, copernicia cerifera wax, shea butter, strawberry seed oil, apricot kernel oil, black currant seed oil, rosemary leaf extract, elderberry seed oil, tocopherol, canola oil, soybean oil. +/-: mica, iron oxides, carmine, alumina, titanium dioxide

burt's bees lip shimmer in plum @kimberlyloc

{Photo by the Teacher Man}

It’s a pretty clean list (save for the carmine, which is animal-derived…from bugs…ew…and the lanolin, also animal-derived…from sheep sweat, essentially) for the low price of $5. Could it be better? Yes. But is it easily accessible in terms of both cost and national availability? Yes.

Guess we can pick our battles.

burt's bees lip shimmer in plum @kimberlyloc

{Photo by the Teacher Man}

I think Anya approved of the Burt’s Bee Lip Shimmer in Plum — do you? The only thing I don’t really like about this balm is that the color distribution is a bit uneven — because it’s a deeper color, it still takes a little perfecting, though it doesn’t require lipliner or a lip brush. Just make sure to apply it while looking in the mirror, as you can easily color outside the lines with this one!

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  • You’re perty, Kimmie! And that last photo is sooooo typical. ;)

  • I think it looks really nice- some of those tinted lip balms can deliver more pigment than a lipstick! And BTW, what is your yellow eye shadow? Loves it.

  • @carolyn hehe, thanks! oh, anya :)

  • @michele thanks! it’s urban decay “honey”

  • That is Gita’s FAV … Honey Badger DOES care lol

  • You look so pretty Kim!! + p.s. loving your new blog design! xo

  • @jess lol i think you’re thinking of badger products, not burt’s bees :) nonetheless, they both rock!

  • @kristina thanks girl! no major changes…just an updated header image and some more options on the sidebar…i am kinda moody when it comes to big changes…but it shall happen soon enough! xo