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suzanne leroux one love organics

“I use and have chosen only waterless products for my post. One Love Organics is based on waterless skincare, and all of our products are waterless except for our gel cleanser.”

You’ve gotta love a woman who practices what she (and her company) preaches.

Suzanne LeRoux, the creative artisan behind natural beauty brand One Love Organics, focuses on giving you all the good stuff in her products — water not included.

While some marketing gimmicks of the past may have told you to “just add water,” Suzanne would rather you use just pure, beautiful ingredients that really penetrate the skin and deliver exactly what it needs: results.

suzanne leroux one love organics

{Suzanne, in her natural state: Working on a batch of One Love Organics products! Photo Courtesy Suzanne LeRoux}

Think about it: The less water included in the product = the more room for the effective ingredients that actually cost a pretty penny — and work!

“I have seen the biggest improvement in my fussy, breakout-prone skin since I eliminated water-based products that contain preservatives and emulsifiers,” Suzanne says. “Cosmetic emulsifiers are usually (soap-based) surfactants. When used in cleansing gel or shampoo, emulsifiers do not pose much of a problem because they are washed off during use.”

However, when moisturizing is the goal, Suzanne says that water-based/emulsion preparations found in skin treatments tend to interfere with the natural restorative function of the skin.

“The water-based ingredients in the product evaporate, while the oil-based ingredients are absorbed, leaving the emulsifiers on the skin’s surface,” Suzanne says. “These alkaline, soap-like substances then combine with the lipid content of the skin, removing precious oils the next time we wash. Moreover, their alkalinity disturbs the natural pH balance of the skin (which is slightly acidic), leaving it more susceptible to microbial growth.”

In an effort to rebalance, the skin may then overproduce natural oils and sebum as it fights to re-establish its natural state, she says. Because of this, Suzanne points out that inflammation and irritation can develop, and the end result can be dry, blemished, irritated and/or prematurely aging skin.

“I am very careful now and cognizant of all the products I use during each step of the way,” she says. “I notice that when I don’t use waterless products, the redness, irritation and breakout return. So enjoy my selection of concentrated and waterless products.”

As usual, the products I also use and love are starred.

Suzanne’s Favorite Beauty Products

suzanne leroux one love organics natural beauty buff

{Take a peek at Suzanne’s natural beauty stash! Photo Courtesy Suzanne LeRoux}

Julie Hewett Cheekie Lip and Cheek Shine in Bette

“I love multi-tasking products, and this one is for lips and cheeks. It is a ginger and bronze color that leaves a subtle gold shimmer and feels so perfect for summer time.”

Vivesana Sunscreen

If I am headed out into the sun or have a long day outside planned with my boys who are 5 & 6, I use Vivesana Sunscreen. I put on *Morning Glory Complexion Brightening Booster first and then the sunscreen (which, being waterless, it is rather thick), and it glides on effortlessly.

Gaia Herbs Thyroid Support

I take this supplement every single morning. Supporting your thyroid can really help with dryness and loss of radiance in the skin.

Primitive Lipstick in Taj Mahal

I love this subtle but sparkly gold lip color.  I also have to line my lips so I use Primitive’s lip liner in Corsica. It is a great neutral berry color and because I don’t often reapply lipstick, I like to use this to fill in my lips and apply a bit of the Taj Mahal or Cheekie Lip Shine over it.

Vapour Scent N°1

I love this limited edition scent from Vapour Organic Beauty. It is unusual, but I love the green, woody scent of it—it is very warm and seductive. Oil-based scents also tend to last a long time and mix beautifully with the skin.

h. wood. beauty eyeshadow

I also rarely wear any eye makeup but when I am going out, I will sometimes brush a bit of h.wood beauty’s eyeshadow on under my brows to (hopefully) give my face a refreshed look.

*One Love Organics Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm

I love our new Discover size balm. I have balm stashed everywhere now. I use the balm literally for everything — my face, hands and hair get a liberal dose daily. Cleansing with the balm has literally changed my (formerly) oily and blemished skin. may include affiliate links to featured products. Not all product links are affiliate links. If you make a purchase from an affiliate link, earns a small commission.

These commissions help pay for hosting fees, site upgrades and blogging tools. In 2016, earned $2,874 in affiliate payments and spent $3,211 on website maintenance. Thank you for your support!

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  • This has really opened my eyes to the benefits of waterless and natural beauty!

  • I will have to look into trying these products, sounds like a great line.

  • @marthaelle thanks for stopping by my blog! hope you consider one love organics stuff…let me know if you do! xo

  • @lisa yay! it’s so great they have “discover” sizes that are smaller and cost less…great way to try before you get a larger size :)

  • I love finding out about new brands, and I have never heard of One Love Organics before.
    I am in love with the Taj Mahal lipstick, it is a stunning shade and I might just have to have a cheeky purchase on pay day xx

  • @tanya please let me know how you like OLO! i recommend the skin savior balm and the cleanser. get a shammy, too, for good measure ;) i agree on that lippie…sooooo pretty

  • I think waterless is great for everything except moisturizer. In order for a moisturizer to really be a moisturizer, it needs moisture. Moisture = water. Then that moisture has to be sealed in with an oil.

    Otherwise, I love the concept. By the way, I LOVE your blog lay out. It’s so clean and nice

  • @michelle oil also = moisture, and what i love about using natural plant oils is that you get double bang for the buck: moisturization + added vitamins, minerals and nutrient benefits! i like to spritz on a toner before i apply moisturizers (as you said, water then seal with an oil), but i’ve found that even when using products that are not waterless (aka have water), i still use a toner. so, that’s why i love getting waterless products…i’m paying for the goodie ingredients…and i can add water myself if i want! ;) thanks for the comment and the compliment on my blog!

  • I am finding out so much at the moment about natural beauty products and loving it.

    I really didn’t think about the harm I could be doing just by using these chemical filled products that are sold to us. x

  • @sarah glad you are becoming more interested in naturals! i have tons of reviews on the site, so i hope you dig in — and offer some reviews of your own! :)

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