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July 31, 2012

outfit post | polish plus pizzazz

When it comes to my work wardrobe, I prefer dresses to skirts. They’re easier to pull on, and when you find the perfect fit — not too loose, not too tight — a dress can be the most comfortable thing you wear all day.

To keep a dress from being too comfortable, I like to pair them it snazzy accessories and killer shoes. This keeps me looking polished and professional with a little bit of pizzazz for post-5:00.

floral dress @thelimited @kimberlyloc

{Floral dress//The Limited; Tan Leather Booties//Vince Camuto via Dillard’s (similar); Tan Cross-body Bag//Nine West (similar) Photo By Denene Brox Photography}

vintage and thrifted necklaces @kimberlyloc

{Gold Locket Necklace//Vintage, Donna’s Dress Shop, Kansas City, Missouri (similar); Teal Beaded Necklace//Thrifted via Plato’s Closet (similar); Tiger’s Eye Ring//Forever 21 (similar); Photo By Denene Brox Photography}

gold bracelets @kimberlyloc

{Braided Cuff Bracelet// c/o Saks Off Fifth, Kansas City, Kansas; Wing-pattern Bracelet//Donna’s Dress Shop, Kansas City, Missouri; Tiger’s Eye Ring//Forever 21 (similar); Photo By Denene Brox Photography}

tan vince camuto booties @kimberlyloc

{Tan Leather Booties//Vince Camuto via Dillard’s (similar); Photo By Denene Brox Photography}

What’s your work uniform consist of — do you live in dresses the way I do? Tell me your staples in the comments section!

July 29, 2012

fashion on the fringe | vintage fringe at the kc fringe festival | kansas city, missouri

On Friday, I got my fringe on with Jess of Mimi & Chichi at “Fashion on the Fringe,” a vintage-themed fashion show that was part of the Kansas City Fringe Festival.

fashion on the fringe kansas city fringe festival @kimberlyloc

{Headband//Retro Vixen, Kansas City, Missouri (similar); Earrings//Solemates, Van Buren, Arkansas (similar); Metal Rings//H&M (similar); Tiger’s Eye Ring//Forever 21 (similar); White Leather Cuff// c/o Bolbach; Gold Tennis Bracelet//Vintage, Donna’s Dress Shop, Kansas City, Missouri; Gold Braided Cuff Bracelet// c/o Saks Off Fifth, Kansas City, Kansas (similar); Stripe Top//Outback Red via The Limited (similar); Patterned Shorts//The Limited; Suede Booties//Michael Kors (similar); Cross-body Purse//Coach c/o the Teacher Man}

The concept of fringe is empowering. With roots tracing back to Scotland (represent!), the main principle of fringe shows around the world is to provide both emerging and established artists of all crafts the opportunity to produce and show their work no matter the content, form or style.

The other component of fringe is to make the event as affordable and accessible to the community, which allows them to become editors in their own right, deciding what artists should be celebrated and passed by during the festival.

vintage on the fringe kansas city fringe festival fashion press

{I attended Vintage on the Fringe as part of the fashion media covering the event. Photo By Jess Afshar, Mimi & Chichi}

I thoroughly enjoyed the show, and while some designers wowed me more than others, I still was able to connect with at least one piece from each designer’s collection. Below are my favorites from the show.

(Note to Designers: It was extremely difficult to hear the names of each designer during the introduction (the mic wasn’t working!), but I think Jess and I  captured the info correctly. If for some reason your name/image isn’t matched up correctly, let me know and I will update it!)

ginger bow tie fashion on the fringe kansas city fringe festival

The show opened with looks from Ginger Bow Tie. The violet number wowed me, with its structured lines and cape style. The romper on the left struck me as downtown cool, though I would have liked to have seen it in a more muted color for fall. The outfit on the right made me extremely excited for fall — I could see myself wearing it.

jessy bergmann fashion on the fringe kansas city fringe festival

This romantic look from Jessy Bergmann caught my eye because of the detailing and classic colors, but it was a little short — perhaps it could be worn with skinnies and flats for a ballerina-sweet outfit. The 20s-inspired piece definitely looks and feels fresh for 2012.

little shells designs fashion on the fringe kansas city fringe festival

Capitalizing on the high-low dress trend, Little Shells Designs kept it sweet and chic. I loved the mustard yellow accessories to complement the watercolor skirt. The flowy, loose fit works for this style.

sablu fashion on the fringe kansas city fringe festival

Sablu’s style was the complete opposite of sweet Little Shells. Distressed denim and patriotic influence kept this collection looking completely all-American with a major sex appeal.

linda pop fashion on the fringe kc fringe festival

Linda Pop’s look was exciting to watch come down the runway. Her style reminded me a bit of Betsey Johnson and Anna Sui, and her colorful, Japanese-inspired collection paid homage to the traditional fashions of that culture — but with a distinct 2012 twist.

no human intentions fashion on the fringe kansas city fringe festival

No Human Intentions’ collection kept me intrigued the entire time. The Victorian-inspired line was elegant, detailed and absolutely stunning. I love the look on the left, with its masculine pinstripes coupled with dainty lace and a ruffle on the bottom. The chocolate brown look on the right has an amazing fit and perfect proportions on the sleeves. I’m excited to see where No Human Intentions goes in the world of costume design.

wm couture fashion on the fringe kansas city fringe festival

This was the most interesting look from WM Couture. The high-waisted white pants fit perfectly, and the feathered top was both sexy yet reserved for a midriff-baring top. I would of course wear this in layers over a close-fitting black top, but this is the ultimate fashionista look for those who dare.

zahia marie fashion on the fringe kansas city fringe festival

This multiple-dresses-in-one piece from Ziaha Marie got the most applause at the show. As the cute, confident model strutted down the runway, she was elegant in her display of how to wear this little black dress. It reminds me of the multi-wear options at American Apparel, yet with cleaner lines and real ways to make one dress look so different each way. This is the LBD that you must have in your closet!

ziaha marie fashion on the fringe kansas city fringe festival

I couldn’t keep myself from smiling when this piece from Ziaha Marie came down the catwalk. I love the vivid colors, volume on the bottom, toughness in the belt and sexy bust. This is the Vegas/Miami look you need, or if you’re bold, the Friday night look for the clubs in Kansas City. I’d pair some fabulous, big earrings with this look to complete it.

inner hippie fashion on the fringe kansas city fringe festival

I couldn’t keep my eyes off this dress from Inner Hippie. While the tie-dye effect isn’t my favorite, I’m more in love with the cut and fit of the dress — it fit the model like a glove, and the back detailing of the dress was amazing. I can only imagine what sort of beautiful walking-by-the-beach shots this dress could garner — the flow of it is lovely.

house of cochon fashion on the fringe kansas city fringe festival

House of Cochon closed the show with a fun swimwear set with aviation inspiration. My favorite suit on the left may produce awkward tan lines, but it’s just too fabulous, with its suspender-style, to pass up. Perhaps this is a lounging-by-the-pool-at-dusk suit? The suit on the right offered more coverage, but with the right attitude, as displayed by the model, could be just as flirty and sexy as the one on the left.

house of cochon fashion on the fringe kansas city fringe festival

To close the show, House of Cochon got playful and had one of the show’s trench-coated attendants catch us off guard by dropping his coat and taking to the runway in his either 1) extra long underpants or 2) extra long swim trunks. Regardless of whether they were made to be in water, they got us laughing and applauding the end of the show.

To see more pictures from the Fashion on the Fringe Fashion Show at the Kansas City Fringe Festival, hop on over to the kimberlyloc Facebook page!

What looks do you love? Tell me in the comments section!

July 25, 2012

beauty scoop | mia mariu mineral blush

While some parts of detoxing my beauty bag have been easy (lipsticks — check!), other parts have been more difficult. I count blush as one of the more difficult things to update.

I’ve been devoted to NARS blushes for quite some time (in particular, “Sin” and “Deep Throat”). I loved the risque names and rich colors in the sleek little compacts.

However, I want a blush that’s going to do double duty and provide both color and care to my chubby cheeks. That means I’m favoring natural beauty products that have vitamins, minerals and moisturizers laced into a high-impact formula.

To help answer these requirements, I’ve been turning to Mia Mariu Mineral Blush (I also use their lipsticks!). I alternate between two colors — Maria Azucena and Maria Bonita — but I tend to favor Maria Azucena because of its close color match to NARS “Orgasm,” a shimmery, peach shade.

mia mariu blush maria azucena

{Mia Mariu sent me samples of its blushes, which retail for $17 a piece, to test and review. Pictured above is “Maria Azucena.” Photo Courtesy Mia Mariu}

Though Mia Mariu blushes come in smaller compacts and don’t have sexy names, I do like how sexy the ingredients are: each blush contains vitamins A, C and E and feel lightweight on my cheeks.

I think the nice flush of color that Maria Azucena brings outs on me can work on any skin tone — that’s the glory of NARS “Orgasm,” and I think that Mia Mariu has successfully matched the makeup powerhouse’s most universal shade.

kimberlyloc mia mariu blush maria azucena

{Here’s how Mia Mariu’s Maria Azucena looks on my olive skin tone. Photo By Denene Brox Photography}

I wear Mia Mariu’s Maria Bonita from time to time, but I usually reserve it for when I want an extra girly look, with the pop of pink right on the apples of my cheeks. I think this color, a dusty rose, would look sweet on any skin tone — but especially on fair-skinned bellas.

What blush do you love (natural or not natural)? Tell me your favorites in the comments section!

July 24, 2012

outfit post | peplum rally

If you caught yesterday’s post, then you were able to get a sneak peek of what I wore during a recent photo shoot with Kansas City Portrait Photographer Denene Brox.

Denene and I met up recently to shoot around the Country Club Plaza. I had just come from work, and managed to survive the whole day in my fancy-schmancy outfit featuring my favorite wardrobe additions of the season: a peplum top + vintage silver cuffs!

teal peplum top and lace skirt @kimberlyloc

{Peplum Top//Stiletto Boutique, Olathe, Kansas; Lace Pencil Skirt//The Limited (similar); Silver Cuffs//Vintage c/o Savers; Lace-up Booties//Maude Boutique, Fayetteville, Arkansas}

Peplum is one of those trends that you have to be careful with — if you have curves, pair peplum with straight bottoms (like a pencil skirt) to keep the volume around your hips to a minimum.

I had fun with this outfit’s textures; everyone should have a pair of lacy, lace-up booties in their wardrobe to go with a feminine and sweet lace skirt!

lace skirt and lace-up booties @kimberlyloc

{Photo By Denene Brox Photography}

I managed to snag the cuffs (three total — wearing two on the left and one on the right) during Savers’ VIP shopping event a few weeks back. I eyed every piece in the vintage jewelry cases about three times before deciding on these sterling silver steals — each cuff was priced at less than $12!

(Side note: Savers generously offered me a shopping stipend during its Shawnee, Kansas, grand opening VIP preview — you can see the other steals I found here, here and here!}

lace-up booties @kimberlyloc

And somehow I was able to rock these shoes the entire day.

Have you rocked the peplum trend? And what’s your thrift/vintage shopping strategy? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section!

July 23, 2012

beauty scoop | vapour organic beauty siren lipstick

I’ve been a member of Birchbox since April, and though the beauty subscription service isn’t perfect for my taste in natural beauty products, the online shopping part of the site does have a few gems — including this Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick.

vapour organic beauty siren lipstick ravish

{Vapour Organic Beauty’s Siren Lipstick in Ravish is a deep red that looks great with olive skin tones like mine. It retails for $22. Photo Courtesy Birchbox}

I’ve been familiar with Vapour for a while, but had only tried (and loved!) its Lux Organic Lip Conditioner. I decided to give Vapour’s lip colors a go when I earned $30 in points from Birchbox for reviewing products in my monthly boxes (did you know you can do that?!).

I chose “Ravish,” a deep, rich red that looks amazing on darker skin tones, and have been satisfied with the moisturizing texture, glossy finish and rich color.

vapour organic beauty siren lipstick in ravish @kimberlyloc

{I love applying this lipstick. It’s so hydrating that it really leaves a base lip balm optional! Photo By Denene Brox Photography}

Take a peek through some of the top-notch ingredients included in Vapour Organic Beauty Siren Lipstick:

Organic castor seed oil, organic beeswax, organic jojoba seed oil, essential oils and natural fruit essences, vitamin E, organic pomegranate oil, organic rose buds, organic lemon balm, wildcrafted myrrh, stevia leaf extract

With all these ultra-hydrating ingredients, slicking on a lip balm base becomes optional! In addition to how great your lips feel after using Siren lipstick, you also get a nice color payoff; the “Ravish” color is rich, yet can be as sheer as you like with one coat, or as daring as you wish with two-three coats.

vapour organic beauty siren lipstick in ravish @kimberlyloc

{Photo By Denene Brox Photography}

As I make progress detoxing my beauty bag, I will continue to look to Vapour Organic Beauty for natural cosmetics that excel in both purity and performance. I love that company’s philosophy is rooted in creating luxurious natural beauty products that are also light on the earth; who says you can’t have both?

Until next time, tell me: Have you tried any Vapour Organic Beauty products? What do you look for in a natural lipstick or natural beauty brand? Tell me your thoughts in the comments section.

vapour organic beauty siren lipstick ravish @kimberlyloc


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