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March 28, 2012

beauty scoop | one love organics essentials to go travel kit

It’s no secret that I’m a product junkie. I love trying tons of new beauty loot to stay on top of the latest developments in skin care and cosmetics. This obsession with all things beauty kiiiinda makes me and my apartment resemble an episode of Hoarders — or, as I like to think, your neighborhood natural Sephora store.

However, I’ve fallen in love with a product line that could help me change all of that. One Love Organics offers a simple, pared-down approach to natural skin care that will help you clear the clutter in your bathroom vanity to make space for products that are gentle, chic and, most importantly, work.

“I spent several years creating these formulas (we manufacture our products in-house), and we really pared it down to what is necessary: cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing,” says One Love Organics president Suzanne LeRoux.

Suzanne helped me get acquainted with her simple skin care line by letting me sample the Essentials to Go Travel Kit which definitely pares it down to what’s necessary for a long weekend away from your overly stocked beauty stash.

one love organics essentials to go travel kit

{One Love Organics' Essentials to Go Travel Kit costs $48. You can add on the Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum for an additional $19. Photo Courtesy One Love Organics}

The kit features smaller sizes of the Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser, Microderma Scrub and Masque, Skin Savior Waterless Multi Balm and one My New Best Friend Skin Shammy. I also got the “extra goodies” option so I could test the Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum.

All of the products are clean, simple and gentle. Here’s my favorites that I’ll be buying in full sizes:

one love organics easy does it cleanser

{One Love Organics' Easy Does It cleanser costs $29 for 8.8 ounces. Photo Courtesy One Love Organics}

The Easy Does It Foaming Cleanser, one of my favorites (and lots of other people’s from the look of this product offering), smells like fresh honey and apples thanks to apple peel extract, apple oil and honeysuckles.

This cleanser isn’t just reserved for your face; you can use it in your hair and on your body (talk about paring down products!). Its scent isn’t overly feminine, so it’s just fine for everyone in your home to use — though I haven’t shared this information with the teacher man. This gentle wash has earned permanent sink space in my bathroom.

one love organics skin savior beauty balm

{One Love Organics' Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm costs $68 for 3.5 ounces. Photo Courtesy One Love Organics}

My other favorite from the line is the Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm. This multipurpose product is packed with so many amazing ingredients — organic virgin coconut oil, organic sweet soy seed oil, organic beeswax, mango seed butter, chia seed extract. I use it as a cleanser and moisturizer, and I add a touch of it to my cheeks on blah days when I feel like my skin is a bit dull. It gives a nice, dewy glow and feeds my skin with an extra boost of moisture.

A little of this balm goes a long way. Because it’s loaded with so many uber-moisturizing ingredients, it has a very thick consistency; you don’t need a lot of it to see an effect! I use a bit more when I’m cleansing my skin with it (think of the balm as a thicker, more nutrient-dense approach to the oil cleansing method) and help remove excess product with the My New Best Friend Skin Shammy, another must-have if you’re going to spring for the balm.

one love organics my new best friend skin shammy

{A set of two One Love Organics skin shammies costs $24. Photo Courtesy One Love Organics}

I’ve never been a fan of wash cloths. I always use my hands to cleanse and rinse my face, but when I use the Skin Savior Waterless Beauty Balm, the shammy is a must. This microfiber cloth accumulates all the dirt and oil that the balm helps lift out of your pores instead of pushing it around on your face the way a wash cloth does. Plus, the shammy is extremely soft and gentle, so your skin won’t be irritated the way it could be from a harsher cloth. I only use the shammy with the balm — it’s a fun ritual, and that way, I get more uses out of it (it’s good for about 200 washes).

What do you think of multipurpose products? Do you have any favorite “one does it all” products similar to One Love Organics? Have you tried this simple and chic skin care line? Tell me what you know in the products section.

March 27, 2012

beauty scoop | tata harper deluxe beauty set

One of the reasons I choose natural, organic skin care products instead of conventional is because I would rather pay for precious ingredients that actually work and are good for my skin.

And boy have I found a truly luxurious line of natural products that source only the best, most-precious ingredients.

Tata Harper’s skin care philosophy is rooted in the belief that women shouldn’t have to sacrifice their health to look and feel beautiful. She grows many of the ingredients used in her line on her 1,200-acre Vermont farm; the rest are ethically sourced from around the world.

tata harper

{Natural beauty Tata Harper created her skin care line to give women more luxurious, healthy options when it comes to choosing natural and organic skin care products. Photo Courtesy Tata Harper}

When I started using Tata Harper’s Deluxe Beauty Set (I received a free sample), I noticed that each product was packed full of anywhere from six to 29 active ingredients — all of which I recognized and could pronounce — and smelled absolutely amazing. Imagine fresh-cut, exotic flowers in every little bottle of goodness, from creams and serums to oils and cleansers.

The Deluxe Beauty Set is a great way to get acquainted with Tata Harper. At $65, it’s a reasonable pricepoint for a generous sampling of seven luxurious products. I’ve been using my sample kit for a few months now (a little goes a long way!).

Of the seven products in the set, these are my favorites that I’ll be saving up to stock in my bathroom vanity:

Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence

tata harper hydrating floral essence

{Tata Harper's Hydrating Floral Essence costs $85 for 4.22 ounces. Photo Courtesy Tata Harper}

When I first used this floral toner, I remember saying out loud, “Oh my gosh.” It smells so fresh and sweet thanks to Damascus rose flower water and lavender flower water. It hydrates the skin with aloe leaf juice, and nearly 87 percent of the ingredients are certified organic. For nine active ingredients and that “oh my gosh” feeling every morning, I think this pricey mist is absolutely worth it.

Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex

tata harper replenishing nutrient complex

{Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex costs $45 for 0.34 ounces. Photo Courtesy Tata Harper}

Most people know I’m quite the facial oil addict. I wash with oils, moisturize with oils and freshen up with oils. When I tried the Replenishing Nutrient Complex in the Deluxe Beauty Set, I was hooked on this little vial of pure goodness.

A light concentrate designed to nourish and strengthen the skin, the Replenishing Nutrient Complex is loaded with 18 active ingredients (and 10 oh-so-incredible organic oils and flower) and is a perfect bedtime restorative treatment. Here’s just a sampling of what I’m feeding my skin when I use this treatment:

Organic rosehip mosquetta oil
Organic jojoba seed oil
Organic olive oil
Organic apricot kernal oil
Organic borage flower
Organic alfalfa flower
Organic calendula flower
Organic arnica flower
Organic linden) leaf & flower
Organic carrot seed oil

What skin care lines do you use that, despite the price, are must-haves for your beauty vanity? Tell me in the comments section!

March 26, 2012

march madness final four nail polish colors | kansas jayhawks crimson and blue

Though my Twitter feed sticks mainly to the topics of beauty, media, food and fashion, during a few weeks of the spring — aka March Madness — my feed blows up with a bit of smack talking and the #kubball hashtag.

This week, in honor of the University of Kansas Jayhawks (my alma mater) making it to the Final Four, I’ll be painting my nails with a combination of crimson and blue. Here’s to hoping they don’t chip before Saturday’s game!

For all you Jayhawk readers (and nail color enthusiasts!) out there: What are your favorite shades of red and blue nail polish? Here’s my picks:

Essie Really Red + Essie Mesmerize

essie really redessie mesmerize

butter LONDON Pillar Box Red + butter LONDON Blagger

butter london pillar box redbutter london blagger

SpaRitual Stiletto + SpaRitual Undercurrent

sparitual stilettosparitual undercurrent

Rock Chalk Jayhawk!

March 20, 2012

beauty launch | slow beauty, by sparitual’s shel pink

“Perfectionism is overrated and is the bane of our current perspective on beauty. When we shift our way of life from results-oriented to process-oriented, we are able to live Slow Beauty.”

SpaRitual founder Shel Pink is changing the way we think and talk about beauty.

Beauty shouldn’t be about results, she says. Beauty should be about experiences, about processes, that lead us to better self-awareness and discovery. Shel thinks that today’s fast world needs a pause button — and at the dawn of the spring equinox, she launched Slow Beauty to deliver just that.

To bring the concept of Slow Beauty to life, Shel created a safe haven for true conversations about real beauty to emerge in the social space. Slow Beauty inspires positive change through stories from activists, lifestyle experts, socially conscious entrepreneurs, philosophers, artists and wellness professionals.

Through Slow Beauty, we can all hopefully become more mindful of our own inner strength and the world’s boundless possibility — and if we’re not careful, we may learn a thing or two about the true meaning of beauty and inner calm.

Take a peek at the new Slow Beauty blog and tell me what you think. How do you think the conversation on beauty should change? What would you like to see emerge from the Slow Beauty movement? Let’s start adding to the conversation on beauty!

March 20, 2012

natural beauty buff | kelly teegarden, kelly teegarden organics

“Being a cancer survivor, I take chemicals and cancer very seriously and use my whole line to ensure my safety.”

Nobody likes to talk about this C-word, but today, natural beauty buff Kelly Teegarden is celebrating four years of being cancer-free. And as ironic as it may seem, she believes that her natural beauty line, Kelly Teegarden Organics, is the reason why she got cancer.

kelly teegarden of kelly teegarden organics

{Natural beauty buff Kelly Teegarden of Kelly Teegarden Organics celebrates four years being cancer-free today. Photo Courtesy Kelly Teegarden}

Battling (and beating) cancer gave Kelly a reason to take her health into her own hands. She spent more than 5,000 hours researching cancer and looked into every single detail that she could control in her everyday life that could affect her well-being.

When she discovered startling cancer statistics via the World Health Organization and found out that there was no regulation of toxic ingredients in skin care, she put herself on a mission to create a skin care line free of toxins and harsh chemicals.

And when it comes to her own beauty routine and daily habits, she practices what she preaches. Kelly sticks to her line of skin care and cosmetics and seeks out the best everyday personal-care products she can find. (As usual, I’ve starred the items that Kelly uses that I love as well.)

Inside Kelly’s Bathroom

*The Royal Healthy Body Lotion

“I carry this in my purse and in the bathroom. Love it because it leaves my skin so hydrated and with a sexy, radiant glow.”


“Love this product because it plumps up the fine lines and makes my face look amazing.”

The Secret

“I have this in my bathroom. It takes off my makeup, including my eye makeup. This product is ridiculously effective and leaves the skin feeling clean and hydrated.”

Asea Water

“I use Asea water every day to ensure incredible health. It is absolutely amazing!”

Bed Head Hairspray (natural beauty buffs out there, any natural hairspray recommendations for Kelly?)

“I’m NOT a fan of the chemicals in the product and only use it in a ventilated room or outside, but this product is truly ridiculous. I love how it holds my curls.”

Vitality Eye Cream

“Can’t live without it. After thyroid surgery my eyes can get puffy. Vitality makes my eyes look great. It reduces the puffiness and the dark circles. I love this product.”

Trader Joe’s Toothpaste

“This toothpaste is fantastic. Tastes great, removes plaque and even my dentist has made a comment that my teeth cleaning is so easy. Love this product!”

Inside Kelly’s Purse

“My purse is a gift from the Golden Globes from a new designer, Emperia’s Handbags, that delivers amazing quality.”


Branam Xylitol Gum

“Best chemical-free gum on the market. Love it, tastes great!”

*Lip Gloss

“I am addicted to the feel of my gloss and love how healing and safe this is for my body. It’s truly a fun experience with the light and mirror on the bottle.”

Digestive Enzymes

“These vitamins are chemical-free with no fillers. They make me feel great. I love them so much that I carry the entire line on my website. The developer of the brand is truly remarkable.”

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