January 25, 2012

cupcake taste test | ms. nene’s takes the cake bakery | kansas city metro

Local business owners “Stubbie” of E.F. Hobbs Coffee and Renee of Ms. Nene’s Takes the Cake ride around the Kansas City metro in their bright orange truck and brighten office monkeys’ days with a little sugar and plenty of smiles. If you stalk them follow them on Twitter, you can see where they’re headed so you can plan your day accordingly.

Or, if you’re like me, you can tweet them and they might just show up at the front door of your office.

ms. nene's takes the cake bakery kansas city

{Those cupcakes from Ms. Nene's Takes the Cake Bakery didn't last long.}

Upon approval from my office’s “Ministry of Fun” (aka spirit committee), CoffeeCakesKC rolled in to the parking lot and met a dozen or so of my cupcake-crazy coworkers and me to feed us red velvet, chocolate mint and chocolate with vanilla buttercream frosting cupcakes. Stubbie stood by to make hot drinks while Renee rounded up the cupcakes, which she sold out of within 10 minutes!

I was able to sample each available flavor of the day and buy an additional chocolate mint cupcake to take home to the teacher man. My coworker got the last red velvet, but offered me a bite for official taste test purposes. I couldn’t refuse.

ms nenes takes the cake cupcakes

{I got the red velvet cupcake, with pure white frosting, for my coworker and somehow managed to only eat half of one cupcake while the other two sat on my desk all day. Talk about self-control! Don't worry, though, I ate them with the teacher man later that evening.}

The red velvet cupcake had some pretty tasty frosting, but I was a bit surprised at the cake. It wasn’t as moist as I expected (so many of my online cupcake friends rave about Nene’s!), but I’m wondering if it was a fluke.

ms nene's takes the cake bakery red velvet cupcake

{The red velvet cupcake wasn't as moist as I'd expected it to be, but it did have a great, creamy frosting.}

I nibbled on one of the chocolate mint cupcakes at my desk throughout the day. The frosting deserved an A+ for fresh, minty flavor and silky texture, but as with the red velvet, the cake was just a tad bit dry. Nothing a little coffee couldn’t wash down, though.

chocolate mint cupcake ms nene's take the cake

{The kiss on top was a nice addition to the chocolate mint cupcake's perfect frosting, but I wish the cake was a bit more moist.}

I had a bite of the chocolate cupcake with vanilla buttercream frosting at home with the teacher man. Same verdict. Superb frosting atop cake that needs a bit more oomph.

chocolate with vanilla buttercream cupcake ms nene's takes the cake

{Chocolate drizzles atop perfect buttercream frosting makes me happy.}

Though my review is mixed, Ms. Nene’s Takes the Cake is still on my hit-list. The frosting made a big impact on my taste buds, and I’m just too intrigued by the other regular-rotation cupcakes to write off an imperfect batch. I’ve got until March to round up my favorite Kansas City cupcakes for another series with the Cupcake Crusaders — here’s to hoping I can lure the cupcake truck back to work for another taste test!

KC-area peeps who love Nene’s, which flavors should I try next? And who is coming with me? (@angelchrys, I’m talking to you.)

Do you have a mobile cupcakery in your town? How do you feel about food/dessert trucks? Tell me what you think in the comments section!

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  • Susan

    Oh my god. A mobile cupcake truck? This is the stuff of my dreams. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve wished that the one cupcake place we have in my town would make deliveries to the office. These look delish, too. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.angelchrys.com Christy

    I think they show up for First Friday. Maybe when it gets a bit warmer out, we can go stalk the truck and then enjoy all the people watching.

  • http://kimberlyloc.com kimberlyloc

    @susan isn’t it the best thing ever? there’s another one in kc that i will have to track down and review, too :)

  • http://kimberlyloc.com kimberlyloc

    @christy yes please!!! :)

  • http://nofindersfee.wordpress.com Caro

    I love that they come in one of those holders that you would use for coffee!

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