December 30, 2011

cupcake taste test | favorite cupcakeries in the kansas city suburbs, revisited

Happy last Friday of the year! For all of you who are resolving to work out more and eat sweets less, you should probably think about getting one last cupcake before you 1) have to squeeze into that hot new year’s eve outfit tomorrow and 2) have to pay your first month’s gym dues the next day.

For those of you who are resolving to find the best cupcakes in your area in 2012, I have a primer for you if you happen to be in the Kansas City suburbs!

Last month, the lovely ladies at Cupcake Crusaders and I did a fun cupcake taste test series where we named our favorite cupcakeries in our respective locations (KC ‘burbs for me, Baltimore City for them).

In case you missed the series, were confused, were too busy eating cupcakes or just want to revisit some of my favorite spots in Johnson County, I’ve rounded up some pictures, snippets of the reviews and links back to the original posts for you to read and join in the conversation.

Fifth-Favorite Cupcakery in the Kansas City Suburbs: Best Regards Bakery

chocolate decadence best regards bakery overland park kansas

{Chocolate Decadence cupcake from Best Regards Bakery in Overland Park, Kansas}

For a frosting fanatic like myself, I can attest to the deliciousness of the icing on this cupcake. It was smooth, velvety and rich — yet not overpowering — and really made the chocolate decadence cupcake a gem. The cake, however, was a tad bit dry. Nothing that a glass of milk couldn’t help, but I think the amazing frosting on this cake seriously made me consider Best Regards Bakery for my top five list.

Fourth-Favorite Cupcakery in the Kansas City Suburbs: Icing Cupcakery

mint chocolate chip cupcake icing cupcakery lenexa kansas

{Mint Chocolate Chip cupcake from Icing Cupcakery in Lenexa, Kansas}

The chocolate cake was so moist and rich and the minty green frosting had the right balance of flavor and texture — not too minty, but refreshing, and creamy, but not uber-thick and gooey.

The chocolate chips on top were a nice finish. Great addition of yet another texture — chewy crunch — that really solidified the “after-dinner mint” feel of this cupcake. I would definitely buy this cupcake again.

Third-Favorite Cupcakery in the Kansas City Suburbs: Sugar Rush

peanut butter cup cupcake sugar rush olathe kansas

{Peanut Butter Cup cupcake from Sugar Rush in Olathe, Kansas}

Chocolate cake, whipped peanut butter frosting and a Reese’s on top made this cupcake heavenly. The cake was perfect like the triple chocolate’s. I liked the fluffy consistency of this frosting — how’d they get peanut butter to seem so airy instead of sticky? If you’re a pb&c kind of gal or gent, get this cupcake.

Second-Favorite Cupcakery in the Kansas City Suburbs: Smallcakes

caramel apple cupcake smallcakes olathe overland park kansas

{Caramel Apple cupcake from Smallcakes, with locations in Overland Park and Olathe, Kansas}

The best thing about autumn is the arrival of caramel apple everything in candy and dessert shops. Caramel apple cupcakes are a little easier on your teeth — light caramel frosting doesn’t get stuck! I loved the bit of apple on top of this cupcake as well as the delicious caramel frosting and peanuts. The cake was great — very light and fluffy — and I could have easily had seconds of this one!

Favorite Cupcakery in the Kansas City Suburbs: Dolce Baking Co.

pumpkin pie cupcake dolce baking co prairie village kansas

{Pumpkin Pie cupcake from Dolce Baking Co. in Prairie Village, Kansas}

A seasonal flavor, pumpkin pie, was moist and dense like pie but with a perfect dollop of frosting on top that was drizzled with caramel and a dash of sea salt. It was a true delight, and the way the sea salt complemented the caramel flavoring was impeccable. I’m a big fan of all things caramel, and though I’m usually just semi-excited about pumpkin (and pie, for that matter), this cupcake simply rocked.

In a few short months, the Crusaders and I will embark on another mission to find the best cupcakes in our respective areas; this time, I’m diving deep into the heart of Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas, to find my favorite cupcakeries that straddle the state line. The Crusaders will go beyond their city limits to find their favorite cupcakeries in Baltimore County.

Who wants to join me? Who has recommendations to add to my long list of KC cupcakeries? Tell me what you know in the comments section.

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  • kristina

    kim ~ i wish you’d come to portland and do some reviews!! and what are you doing to me with these cupcakes?? i want one now haha!! i wish you a wonderful new year’s my dear friend, and thanks for all of your support, keep on blogging okay?! ;) ;)
    xoxo, kristina
    p.s. see you in 2012

  • kimberlyloc

    @kristina im making plans to come in 2012! i have a good friend who lives there + all those wineries + YOU! i will keep you updated. we could get into some trouble and eat cupcakes :) happy new year, lady!

  • Jess

    Ok Kim I need to be invited to the next cupcake tasting with you! I’ll make my husby come and take pictures ^_^

  • kimberlyloc

    deal! i am ready to start scouring the KC area so i will send you another meetingmaker, HA :) xoxo

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