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badger organic damascus rose antioxidant face oil

I’ve tried tons of facial oils and tend to favor jojoba and argan, but when I got the chance to try Badger’s new Organic Damascus Rose Antioxidant Face Oil, I made a special spot on my shelf for this powerhouse facial oil that contains nine different nourishing oils in one 1-ounce bottle.

badger organic damascus rose antioxidant face oil

{Badger's Organic Damascus Rose Antioxidant Face Oil costs $12 and is available online and in health food and select grocery stores. Photo Courtesy Badger}

Plainly put, this facial oil rocks. It’s USDA-certified organic and even though $12 for one ounce seems a bit pricey, I classify this as a budget beauty basic because 1) you only need one pump per night to cover your entire face and 2) it’s unheard of to get a certified-organic product that works at this pricepoint.

Not only are you getting the key ingredient, rose otto (which is an incredibly expensive ingredient), but you’re getting an array of other nourishing carrier and essential oils that will keep your skin balanced and smooth all year long.

Let’s take a cruise through the ingredients list. It’s amazing:

1. Organic jojoba oil: a natural acne fighter
2. Organic baobab oil: rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9
3. Organic pomegranate oil: high in antioxidants
4. Organic lavender essential oil: known for its calming effect
5. Organic rose otto essential oil: one of the most-expensive oils, known for its soothing scent
6. Organic Roman chamomile essential oil: known for antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
7. Organic CO2 extracts of rosehip: high in vitamin C and lycopene
8. Organic CO2 extracts of seabuckthorn: rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids
9. Organic CO2 extracts of calendula: known for its healing properties

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  • Susan

    I started using Badger’s Damascus Rose face oil about a month ago, and I love it! I’m a big fan of facial oil as is (it keeps my skin in check), but I particularly like this one. My skin is naturally red and splotchy, and I think the Damascus Rose face oil tones down some of that (maybe fighting some inflammation?). I would definitely buy it again.

  • @susan this stuff is so amazing, and yes, all those ingredients work wonders for any skin problem! for $12, it’s so worth it.

  • kim ~ i’ve never tried their products before, but this one looks amazing! would you take a look at the list of ingredients?, wow! just the name in itself makes me want to use it ;) i hope you had a great holiday kim!!
    xx, kristina

  • @kristina it such a great product, and honestly, everything that badger makes is amazing. you should definitely *at least* try their lip balms — they’re maybe $3, in big chunky tubes and are oh-so-yummy and moisturizing! xo

  • Marilyn

    Badger’s products are clean, SO reasonably priced, cruelty-free, and all-around awesome. I use the rose oil on my décolletage and neck, too. Their cuticle balm is ESSENTIAL…so is the Sleep Balm and…oh, just EVERYTHING. The little tins are affordable to try…just a great company. :)

  • April

    I can’t WAIT to try this oil! I’ve seen it at the local co-op, but never paid much attention to it. I have always had problems with acne, and I thought a facial oil would make it worse. But this oil sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing! Also, I LOVE their balms, especially the one for hardworking hands!

  • @marilyn totally agree. i have a few tubes of badger lip balms (amazing) + badger sore muscle/headache/sleep balms that i like to rub on when needed. so soothing, and i never feel bad about “OD’ing” on them because they are USDA organic! :) great idea to smooth some oil on to the neck and chest area…a place we often forget and is very delicate skin!

  • @april let me know how you like it! i am an oily-skinned, acne-prone girl, too, and using facial oil has really changed my skin for the better. i used to pile on harsh chemical acne fighters (benzoyl peroxide, rx stuff, etc.) and it would dry my skin out and then my oil would go into overdrive! i started experimenting with facial oils — olive, jojoba, argan, emu, etc. — and found that they balance out your skin’s natural oil production and keep everything in check! i still spot-treat from time to time, but opt for natural blemish fighters instead. what badger hand balms do you like to use??

  • Shannon

    I found out recently that I have rosacea. Everything irritates my skin and makes it feel like I have a sunburn. I’m really thinking about trying this. Plus, I decided to start using organic and cruelty free products anyway. Thanks for posting :)

  • Thu

    I am hesitant to try this out becuase my face tends to break out with oily products but it does look intriguing. Maybe I can try a bit on my hand first and see how it reacts. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you had a fab holiday!

  • The Aura Cacia oil you linked to is not organic, and blended with Jojoba to make it less expensive. Here’s a link to our Rose Oil supplier – it’s actually about $172. for the same amount (0.125 fl oz = 3 ml)., and not diluted.
    :) We’re thrilled you love our Face Oil – thanks for the review!!!

  • @shannon i think you will love badger products! congrats on deciding to go natural/organic :) i bet you’ll find that, with rosacea, natural and organic products will help heal your skin and irritate it less. let me know how you like the products you try!

  • @thu i bet if you find a good health store that carries badger, they will give you a sample to try before you commit to buying. however, as i said in an earlier comment, just because you have oily, blemish-prone skin (like me!) doesn’t mean you can’t use face oils. they really help with balancing you out and clearing problem spots. good luck!

  • @jentri thanks for your comment! the aura cacia oil i linked to was just an example to show how expensive rose otto oil is — if you look at the site, it shows the two options for pure rose otto oil, $79.99 (non-organic) and for the rose otto oil blended with jojoba oil. thanks for sharing the link to badger’s supplier though! great to know where the oils come from :)

  • I have some acne troubles from time to time, so I’m thinking I definitely need to try this. I’m using the “harsh stuff” and it just doesn’t seem to be doing the job. I’ve never seen it though and don’t know where to find it. Guess I’ll have to online order if I can’t figure it out.

  • UPDATE: (A mere 30 secs later…) I went on their website and used the store locator. The Whole Foods that I was going to stop at tonight sells it. Done.

  • @stacy let me know how you like it! and just so you know, whole foods does do refunds on personal-care items, so if for some reason you hate it, you can always return it. but i doubt you will! it works really well! give it a test run for two weeks and let me know what you think. :)

  • oooh i love learning about new beauty products! let me add this to my list to try out. and thanks for your comment yesterday!

  • @elle let me know how you like it! and of course, such a great topic to post about…gotta keep it real, girl :)

  • DKe

    I started using oils, too!!! I read about them at BeautyHuile and was surprised oily skins can use them. But, I’m gonng try Badger, now.

  • @DKei i will have to check beautyhuile out! thanks for stopping by the blog :)

  • Liz

    I’ve been a big fan of badger products for a while – their lip balm is the best – I just got my face oil from Vitacost today (10 dollars and change) and it’s gorgeous! It feels slightly tingly like mint and very soothing. Makes my skin feel very soft and is a great smooth base for foundation. Top marks!

  • Deeksy

    Thanks for this review!!! I love face oils & always buy the new ones from Beauty Huile! I agree about the USDA thing & can’t wait to try the Rose Lavender blend!!!

  • @deeksy thanks for stopping by! i love beauty huile, too :) xo

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