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the bodyholiday st. lucia

I’ve been MIA for a week, but for good reason: I took a six-day vacation to the island of St. Lucia to rejuvenate, recharge and detoxify after the Thanksgiving holiday.

I flew all day last Wednesday, from Kansas City to Dallas to Puerto Rico to St. Lucia, for an amazing experience at The BodyHoliday, a well-rounded health and wellness resort that promises to give visitors back their minds after a weeklong stay.

They were right.

I’ve never felt so relaxed after staying in a paradise free of huge televisions and wi-fi (though I did have a broadband cable in my room). Being unplugged for a bit, as crazy as it was the first day, was so liberating. To not be tied to your computer or phone, and to really take in the experience with your eyes, was absolutely beautiful.

While I was able to snap some pictures here and there, I decided it was more worth it to truly unwind and intimately experience the beauty of the resort. However, here’s a few scenes from my weekend in St. Lucia. Enjoy.

the bodyholiday st. lucia

{I snapped this shot of where I stayed at The BodyHoliday from the Friday cruise ship that sails around the Caribbean every week.}

cabana at the bodyholiday st. lucia

{This pretty much defined my stay at The BodyHoliday: Relaxing in beachside cabanas.}

hammock the bodyholiday st. lucia

{OK, other than the cabanas above, I did opt to spend some time reading in a hammock by the sea.}

the wellness centre the bodyholiday st lucia

{When I wasn’t lying around reading near the beach, I relaxed at the Wellness Centre, The BodyHoliday’s amazing spa. I got about three treatments a day, ranging from massages to facials to body wraps.}

ayurvedic foot wash the wellness centre the bodyholiday st lucia

{Before every body treatment at the Wellness Centre, the therapists washed your feet. At the Ayurvedic Temple within the Wellness Centre, the therapists brought out a beautiful bowl filled with warm water to gently wash your feet. They then dried your feet on this stone and lead you into the temple.}

lunch at cariblue the bodyholiday st. lucia

{The BodyHoliday caters to everyone, singles or couples, who want to take a vacation. Meal time isn’t awkward at all for those traveling alone. Simply choose a seat and if you like, a staff member will dine with you, or if you wear a smile on your face, another patron will sit with you or ask you to join. At dinner time, a communal table is available so everyone can break bread together.}

pink sunset at the bodyholiday in st. lucia

{I witnessed the most stunning sunset from my balcony. I uploaded this shot to my Instagram, but there was no need to put it through a fancy filter to adjust the colors. What you see is what you get here.}

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  • Susan

    Oh my god! That sunset is amazing. I’m pretty jealous. This looks like it was an awesome trip. :) Did you visit any other places on St. Lucia, or did you mostly stay confined to The BodyHoliday?

    • @susan it was spectacular. i was able to go snorkeling in the bay by the pitons, but for the most part i stayed at the bodyholiday. you should definitely consider it for your honeymoon :)

  • This looks amazing! Never been to St. Lucia, but I’ve heard amazing things. Unfortunately I have no trips planned. I’ve pretty much used all my vaca time, so I can’t go anywhere until the spring. And when that happens, I’ll probably go to Florida where my family lives (not a bad deal at all, especially since they live about 15 mins from the beach). :)

    • @stacy put it on your to-visit list! but florida in the spring, when it’s crazy cold i baltimore, sounds like a just-fine escape to me. take me with you? :) xx

  • It looks beautiful! I can’t wait to hear all about your gorgeous vacay. :)

  • hi kim! how cool that you got to take a vacation ~ wish i could!!! {i’ve never been to st. lucia before} and these photos look absolutely magnificent ~ those cabanas, the hammock, the food ~ i bet you feel like a new person now ;) ;) welcome back!!!
    xx ~ kristina

    • thanks kristina! i feel so rejuvenated. time to get december finished and on with the new year! haha. i do enjoy the holiday season, but not the stress…everyone should take a vacation after thanksgiving to mentally prepare for the rush at the end of the year! xx

  • GIRL.

    Must talk soon — need more deets on this trip!

    • yes lady! i miss you. it was such a wonderful experience. luhnch soon?

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