November 10, 2011

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Hammocks & High Tea is one of my favorite luxe home decor brands. The brainchild of Karen Young, Hammocks & High Tea brings old-world charm with a touch of modern style to beautiful, organic home decor that tells a story.

One of my favorite new items from Hammocks & High Tea is an intoxicating new candle called Terai. Fresh jasmine and rose fills the room upon burning, and the candle’s presented in a gorgeous, textured, ceramic gold pot. This candle calmed me through lots of writing this week!

hammocks & high tea terai candle

{Simplistic yet stunning, the Terai candle from Hammocks & High Tea caught my eye and pleased my nose. Photo Courtesy Hammocks & High Tea}

Another favorite is the new chevron reversible clutch. It’s handmade from fine Italian leather and uses water-based inks on the beautiful inside lining. This is definitely a staple piece for any season that is guaranteed to get finer with age.

hammocks & high tea chevron clutch

{So chic, so stylish — and I love that it's reversible. Photo Courtesy Hammocks & High Tea}

I am so captivated by the beauty of this brand that I had to reach out to Karen herself to better understand her inspiration behind creating such beautiful pieces. You can find a sample of my interview with her below and the rest of the story here later today.

What’s the story behind the name Hammocks & High Tea?

I wanted something that would capture the essence of living in South America. The streets were cobblestone; turquoise, pink and yellow houses had gabled roofs; public gardens had peacocks roaming; hammocks hung in every yard between palm trees; and we would have high tea and supper. It was like living in a novel for a young, inquisitive mind.

Why is good design so important? Beyond having pretty and well-made things, what can good design do for a person?

Good design changes perception. Bringing your home together in a way that nourishes you when you enter or putting on an item that lifts your spirits speaks to good design. I think that good design goes beyond the items to create an emotion, whether it be a coffee pot that brews so well that you look forward to waking up, a pillow that perks up your couch just so or a drawer liner that peeks back at you when you’re doing the mundane ruffling through your garments.

 hammocks and high tea gold chevron drawer liners

{I love the idea of having these gold chevron drawer liners peeking back at me! Photo Courtesy Hammocks & High Tea}

What are some of your favorite Hammocks & High Tea products and designs? What do the designs mean to you?

My absolute favorite products are the dopp kits and pillows. Pillows are easy, because who doesn’t love something cushy and pretty to sink into? When I was young, I would make child-sized needlepoint pillows and decorate my grandmother’s couch with them. She would sit down and fluff each one without batting an eyelash.

hammocks & high tea linden pillow

{Hammocks & High Tea's "Linden" pillow is inspired by the architectural details of iron gates leading to secret gardens. I, however, see little owl faces in the pattern, which is why this is my favorite! Photo Courtesy Hammocks & High Tea}

I loved coming up with the dopp kits. I remember being so enamored with my uncle’s morning rituals that always involved these beautiful leather dopp kits. It was as though magic was in them, a fluff, some lather, precise razor skills and suddenly they were clean-shaven and musky. It occurred to me that as women, we have tons of products but could use a little magic in our carryalls. The patterns are always a loose reference to traditional designs; Linden is inspired by a gate, Hammam reminds me of the weaving of the bathing towels and Adana is a very modern interpretation of an antique Turkish rug.

hammocks & high tea dopp kits

{Hammocks & High Tea's dopp kits blend beauty and brawn. Photo Courtesy Hammocks & High Tea}

What divine decor do you like from the Hammocks & High Tea collection? Tell me your favorite products or patterns in the comments section!

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  • kristina@beancakes ❤

    kim ~ oh my i just love this company! that reversible chevron print bag is just amazing!! and i love the drawer liners!! i think i will have to purchase something from them, thanks kim for your introduction and hope you had a great wednesday friend! ;) ;)
    xoxo ~ k

  • kimberlyloc

    @kristina i know right! the clutch is adorable, and i really love all the thought and care that goes into each piece in karen’s line. tell me what you get!

  • Susan

    I love Hammocks & High Tea! I have a printed hand towel from them, but it’s too nice to use practically, in my opinion. When I move next year and get a nicer place I’ll probably put it out for “looks.” I don’t want anyone actually wiping their dirty paws on it though!

    I love the company’s bright, bold patterns, and I definitely need to incorporate more Hammocks & High Tea into my home.

  • kimberlyloc

    @susan which print to do you have? :)

  • kristina@beancakes ❤

    hey kim! i know i’m double commenting but i wanted to tell you about the clutch ;) yes, i am always a little weary about diy’s w. expensive items, but this clutch was almost free! my friend owned an antique shop and was practically giving away a lot of her own personal items. and i used an acrylic craft paint ;) p.s. i think i’ll be ordering that chevron print clutch soon ~ that is if i cave in!! ;)
    xx ~ k

  • kimberlyloc

    @kristina lucky girl! friends in good places ;) definitely do an outfit post featuring that hammocks & high tea clutch soon, please :) so lovely.

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