November 2, 2011

macaron taste test | whole foods | overland park, kansas

I absolutely love the shopping experience at Whole Foods Market. While the prices can sometimes be steep, I enjoy the atmosphere — the smells of fresh, organic produce, the warm greetings from employees in every area of the store and the amazing selection of deli- and bakery-fresh goodies.

On a recent trip to Whole Foods, while in search of black and white cookies (been craving them ever since I had my first one last winter in New York City), I instead stumbled upon macarons in the sweets display case.

whole foods market macaron display

{Whole Foods showed off its new macarons on the top shelf of the goodies display case.}

After I peered at the macarons for just a minute, a smiling bakery employee told me the macarons were a new addition to the sweets case. I requested one of each and asked her who made them, assuming I could be looking straight into the eyes of a mad-mac genius.

She didn’t know.


After checking with her manager, she then told me that the macarons were shipped in that morning from a California patisserie.

Double yikes.

That could possibly explain a few of the cracked cookies sitting front and center in the display case.

whole foods market macarons closeup

{The passionfruit macaron, front and center, is a bit cracked — doesn't affect the taste, but affects the experience and delight of biting into a crisp-shelled macaron.}

Though I know not everything is locally made from scratch, something about this just…bothered me. Though I still purchased the cookies (I even got one for free), I think the idea of buying shipped-from-many-miles-away macarons at Whole Foods for 99 cents a piece affected my experience with these sweets.

whole foods macarons

Aside from the cracking (I didn’t buy that one), these macarons looked just fine.

Nice footing.

Appropriate filling-to-shell ration.

No bubbles on the shells.

But when I bit into one, the passionfruit macaron, it just seemed…OK. Just OK.

passionfruit whole foods market macaron

{Whole Foods Market's passionfruit macaron was just...fine.}

The cookie had a small crunch to it, and then my tongue was met with a light, creamy filling — just fine — but the crunch didn’t seem as crisp, as light and shell-like, as I thought it should be.

Perhaps the whole shipped-from-California-that-morning thing was still in my mind, but I couldn’t fight the thought that these macarons may have lost some texture in transit.

Although I would rank these macarons higher than Trader Joe’s frozen macarons, I’m still questioning whether I’d buy them again. They’re inexpensive, for macarons, but I’d probably rather shell out a little bit more for a fresh-made, local macaron.

Maybe someone should bring me some Whole Foods macarons to try again, without knowing they’re from Whole Foods/California, so I can give them one more try…

Have you tried macarons from Whole Foods Market? What did you think? Do you know if they were made in-house or shipped in from far away? Tell me about it in the comments section.

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  • kristina@beancakes ❤

    hey kim! i’ve never myself yet tried the macarons from whole foods ~ you should also let them know that they spelled it wrong ;) ;) {sorry i just couldn’t help myself hehe} and you are definitely the macaron genius queen professional!! now i want a macaron ;) ;)
    xoxo ~ kristina

  • Caro

    I want to see you make your own!! Talk about fresh. :)

    Check out this chica’s recipe:

  • kimberlyloc

    @kristina lol!

  • kimberlyloc

    @caro one day i’ll try…but i wouldn’t show them off unless they were absolutely perfect, which i somehow i doubt i can pull off :) thanks for the link!

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