October 29, 2011

outfit post | black and tan

What I’m going to miss the most about summer is the ability to effortlessly throw on a casual dress, shoes and accessories while I rush out the door on Monday mornings.

Luckily, fall hasn’t fully arrived in the Kansas City area (though it did go from a warm 82-degree-day to a much-cooler mid-50s within a day), so I am enjoying the last few opportunities to get ready in a snap — no extreme layering required (yet).

On Monday, I threw on a simple LBD and accessorized it with tons of special jewelry, funky cutout booties and a vintage short-sleeved trench. While it isn’t the most-complex outfit I’ve ever worn, it was yet another way to maximize a simple, inexpensive little black dress’s potential. I like the idea of dressing up even the most-basic clothing with meaningful pieces of jewelry and accessories that take you back to places you’ve been or people who have been important to you throughout the years.

black and tan kimberlyloc 1

{Little Black Dress//Target; Tan Short-Sleeved Trench//Thrifted, Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco; Booties//Maude Boutique, Fayetteville, Arkansas}

I love this vintage trench. While in San Francisco one weekend, a dear friend of mine bought it for me on a day when we were walking around the Haight and I just wasn’t dressed appropriately for the windy weather. It cost all of $20 and has a funny , voluminous stitching on the back that gives even flat-bottomed women like me a bit of oomph.

While it’s not the most-practical piece to own (I can wear a short-sleeved trench in Kansas for about three weeks every year — then it’s either too hot or too cold), it’s a meaningful item that proudly hangs in my coat closet next to bulky jackets and winter coats.

black and tan kimberlyloc 2

{Coral Bracelet//Gift from the Teacher Man, Salina, Kansas; Three Wooden Bracelets//Gift from my high school friend Rachael, San Francisco; Green Flower Bracelet//Bought at Vung Tau Beach, Vietnam, circa 2003}

All of the bracelets on my wrist are priceless. The coral bracelet is the first piece of jewelry the teacher man ever got for me, and I adore it. It’s one of my favorite colors and goes with everything. Whenever I get compliments on this piece while in his presence, he can’t help but smile and know that he did well. :)

I often wear the three wooden bracelets, sent to my by my friend Rachael while she was still living out west, because they’re wonderful neutral pieces that add a bit of dimension to a simple outfit. She sent these to me after I visited her for the first time in San Francisco a few years ago.

black and tan kimberlyloc 3

{Orange and Brown Bracelet//Bought at Vung Tau Beach, Vietnam, circa 2003; Heart Brooch//Solemates Boutique, Van Buren, Arkansas; Shell Ring//Adorned Boutique, Lawrence, Kansas, via Bali}

My two little bracelets from Vietnam are priceless. I got them while visiting my mother’s side of the family for the first time nearly nine years ago. Our family went to Vung Tau beach and had a blast taking pictures, picking through handmade jewelry and of course, swimming in the ocean that summer. My mom bought these little bracelets for my cousins and me — they cost something like a quarter a piece, and my cousins were so giddy to have matching jewelry with their American relatives.

I have a handful of brooches from Solemates, but I usually reserve this autumn-colored one for this trench. I like the way it adds a bit of sparkle to the vintage piece and incorporates teal, green, yellow, orange and white into the color scheme — a perfect palette for fall.

How do you dress up basic clothing? What jewelry and accessories are your go-to pieces for a little extra outfit pizzazz? Tell me about it in the comments section!

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  • http://lepetitmondealyssa.blogspot.com Alyssa

    You look lovely!

    • http://kimberlyloc.com kimberlyloc

      @alyssa thank you! checking out your blog now :)

  • http://beancakes.wordpress.com/ kristina@beancakes ❤

    hi kim ~ i love your outfit post here!! so cool that you’re pumping gas ~ just like in a magazine editorial, love! and your funky accessories, they are so cool!! love the coral bracelet from your hubby ;) ;)
    xoxo ~ kristina

  • http://kimberlyloc.com kimberlyloc

    @kristina thank you! it was a fun, simple shoot :) xoxo

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