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Yes To Tomatoes Tempting Tomato Volumizing Shampoo

My love for natural beauty products stems from my first job as magazine editor. I covered (and still do!) natural beauty, and that meant having the grueling task :) of sampling every beauty product that came across my desk.

While I became addicted to several natural and organic products, one of the biggest burdens for me — and most people on tight budgets with rich tastes — was practicing what I preached and paying for it myself. While I loved the $60 organic night creams and $20 1-ounce bottles of this and that, it just wasn’t sustainable to my wallet.

The “Yes To” line is a collection of natural beauty products that I continue to throw money down for long after receiving my first shipment of editor swag. It’s available at Walgreens, Target and other big retailers for competitive prices.

One of my favorite Yes To products is the Yes To Tomatoes Tempting Tomato Volumizing Shampoo. It meets the challenge of volumizing my medium-length, baby fine, oily hair. Most shampoos loaded with heavy conditioning oils and thick proteins weigh my hair down, but without some kind of moisture, my hair gets unruly.

Yes To Tomatoes Tempting Tomato Volumizing Shampoo

{Yes To Tomatoes Tempting Tomato Volumizing Shampoo is packed with the good stuff and leaves your wallet full enough for you to actually buy some tomatoes to eat, too.}

Yes To Tomatoes Tempting Tomato Volumizing Shampoo strikes the perfect balance. Laced with ginkgo biloba for light moisture and Dead Sea mud and mineral natural cleansers, this natural shampoo provides an equal amount of moisture and natural cleansing ingredients to produce a smooth lather and baby-soft locks. Yes To Tomatoes Tempting Tomato Volumizing Shampoo is also packed with vitamins from tomatoes (obviously), rooibos tea and watermelons — namely lycopene, vitamin C, vitamin E and carotene.  It’s a great choice for oily hair that needs volume and strength — and for people who don’t want to throw down large chunks of cash for shampoo. Yes To Tomatoes Tempting Tomato Volumizing Shampoo costs just $9 for a 16.9-ounce bottle!

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  • Susan

    I’ve tried this shampoo and I have to say that I really didn’t like it! It doesn’t lather up or spread throughout my hair well, so I always feel like I’m using way more shampoo than is necessary. And while I realize that it doesn’t lather up because it’s SLS free, I’ve used other shampoos without SLS and didn’t feel the same way about them.

    That said, I think the Yes To line has a lot of great products. The Yes To Tomatoes Volumizing Conditioner was fine, and I love the Yes to Carrots SPF 15 Facial Moisturizer. It’s light, natural, provides sun protection and doesn’t cost too much. Yes To also makes some great lips balms. (I just bought a new one this week.)

    For shampoo, I use the Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Wash. It wouldn’t stand up to really stringent natural standards, but it’s free of SLS and parabens, and I recognize most of the words in the ingredients list, which I think is a good thing. :) It also comes in a square container, which cuts down on packaging waste. I think I originally paid $25 for the bottle, but it lasted me an entire year, and my salon (which no longer carries it, unfortunately), refilled the bottle for me at a discount.

    • @susan thanks for the comment! i definitely didn’t have any lather problems with this yes to shampoo — glad you have found some other products from the line to love, though! i’ve never tried kevin murphy…i think that price is steep, but if you could make it last that long, sounds like it’s worth it! will have to give it a try. where can i find it besides online? salons?

  • this hair product sounds amazing ~ thank you for another great review! and yes, we’ve finally made it to portland ~ we’re doing an awful lot of unpacking as you could imagine!! have a wonderful week-end my friend!
    xo ~ kristina

    • @kristina can’t wait to see new portland pics!

  • Madge UK

    I have very baby fine hair that began thinning as I got older. I’ve tried every shampoo I could find that said the word “volumizing” and bought them. Needless to say, not one of those products stood up to their word. I had been using Shielo’s Volume Flexible Hair spray for quite some time and then I’d use a hair pick to ‘lift’ areas so my hair appeared to be fuller. The scent was just wonderful and it washed out with little effort. After blow drying and styling my hair, it did appear thicker and fuller as if I had more hair. I used the Shielo Volume Shampoo as well, and it took about 3 washings for the results to show. My hair took to the curling iron set on low with less time and I achieved better loose curls that lasted longer. It must have been pretty obvious as I was getting comments such as “did you get extensions in your hair?”. I just said “no, I got smart and got Shielo”

  • @madge OK, i’m intrigued now! going to research shielo now :) thanks for the comment and the tip! xo