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June 30, 2011

this makes me happy | inspiration boards and mood boards

I’ve always loved making collages. Whether it’s organizing photos into funky frames, pasting pretty clippings onto folders or collecting little tidbits to store in a treasure box, collages — in whatever form you prefer — are fun ways to keep memories alive.

While I haven’t put together a collage in quite a while, they’ve been on my mind a lot lately, but in a revamped form: the inspiration board, or mood board.

inspiration board natural home

{I love the colors in this inspiration board. The gold frame against that teal wall excites me, too! Photo Courtesy Natural Home magazine}

the glamourai coach inspiration board

{One of my favorite fashion bloggers, The Glamourai, created this beautiful mood board to prepare for her purse design collaboration with Coach. Talk about inspiration and pretty things! Photo Courtesy Coach}

isaac mizrahi inspiration board

{Designer Isaac Mizrahi has a whole section on his website dedicated to inspiration boards. He even has an option for making a digital mood board of your own on his site! Photo Courtesy Isaac Mizrahi}

I love the idea of gathering little things I love from day to day, week to week, month to month, and displaying them in my home office in hopes they inspire creativity, calm and peace.

Learning to find the beauty in the little things in life and bringing them to the forefront of my everyday routine has become increasingly important to me in the past year. I met a new career, a new home and a new love all within the past 365 days. Through the hustle and bustle of it all, it’s easy to get caught up in the motions without stopping to really think about what makes you happy — what brings you joy, smiles, laughter — and reflect upon all the pretty things in life.

I’ve yet to begin my home inspiration board project. Until then, I’m taking 15 minutes a week to pin my favorite things on my digital mood boards on Pinterest. I’m hoping by pinning all the things I love online as well as cruising the other boards on the site, I’ll be able to unleash a few more creative juices before I start pinning things in real life — because, after all, that’s where real people make real memories, right?

June 29, 2011

follow kimberlyloc on tumblr

All the cool hipster kids have a Tumblr. I got one to secure my name and to have yet another place to upload quick-hit, random things (such as this, this and this) via Instagram.

tumblr is for hipsters

{Tumblr is for hipsters...and bloggers! Photo By Harriie}

June 28, 2011

like kimberlyloc on facebook

In case you don’t already follow my blog directly from the web, from my feed, personal Facebook account or Twitter, here’s another chance for you to get regular content updates from kimberlyloc.com:

“Like” kimberlyloc.com on Facebook to stay up-to-date with my regular postings. Also, check out bonus photos and other fun extras as I continue to grow my Facebook network.

I like you. Do you like me? :)

i like you handkerchief

Photo Courtesy Avril Loreti

June 27, 2011

take me to wine country | deloach vineyards | russian river valley | santa rosa, california

Last summer I had the awesome opportunity to visit DeLoach Vineyards in California’s Russian River Valley as part of a press tour of magazine writers and editors. I spent two days at the Biodynamic winery learning about DeLoach’s humble history and bright green future in the sustainable wine business. I even had the chance to help care for my own pinot noir vines with a special Biodynamic prep.

kim wallace deloach vineyards pinot noir

{This is the beginning of my line of pinot noir grapes that will soon become wine! I helped care for these by spraying Biodynamic prep 501 on them.}

Since my trip, I’ve developed an even bigger passion for pinot (DeLoach takes special pride in its pinot noir — I’m a repeat customer when it comes to Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2008) and an affinity for Biodynamic wine.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be tasting and reviewing yet another Biodynamic wine grown in the heart of Sonoma County. Until then, check out the excerpt below from my published piece on DeLoach, and head here to read the full story (and see even more beautiful pictures from this one-of-a-kind winery).


kim wallace deloach vineyards picnic table

{What's more perfect than a picnic in wine country? Photo Courtesy Barbara Bourne}

A 10-time Wine & Spirits “Winery of the Year,” DeLoach Vineyards produces a full range of affordable, delicious wines that express the terroir of Sonoma County’s Russian River Valley. Known best for its pinot noir, chardonnay and zinfandel, DeLoach Vineyards offers three tiers of wines for enthusiasts and casual drinkers.

1. Vineyard Designate Series: These limited-production wines are crafted from some of the Russian River Valley’s most acclaimed vineyards. Visit the DeLoach tasting room or join the wine club to experience some. Try the Zinfandel Nova Vineyard 2007, $32, for dark berry flavors coupled with notes of chocolate and spice.

2. OFS Series: “Our Finest Selection” is just that — DeLoach’s most prized wines bottled in years when the winemaker believes grape quality is extraordinary. The Tawny Red Wine, $32, blends equal parts zinfandel, cabernet sauvignon and petite sirah to create intoxicating aromas of black cherry, plum and white chocolate with notes of cardamom spice. Linger with close friends over a bottle of this complex wine—as afternoon turns to evening, this wine opens up even more to reveal intricate hints of other delicious flavors.

3. Russian River Valley: DeLoach’s flagship series of award-winning, affordable wines represents the winery’s heart and soul. The red berry and anise aromas of Pinot Noir Russian River Valley 2008, $24, will complement your next mushroom or red-meat meal. For dessert, grab a Chardonnay Russian River Valley 2007, $18, and savor this smooth, creamy chardonnay’s scents of Asian pear and warm apple pie.

June 21, 2011

6 deep-sea obsessions | ocean-inspired jewelry

My obsession with all things of-the-sea has been growing rapidly as summer heats up and I find myself stranded in a land-locked state thousands of miles from sand and surf. To bring a little marine life to my own life in the tallgrasses of Kansas, I’ve been scouring Etsy and some of my other favorite online shops for ocean-inspired jewelry.

Paired with my obvious favorites — anything coral or turquoise — these pieces will accent my summer “beachy cas” style while adding a glimmer of hope that someday soon I will find myself lying on an oversize towel watching the waves crash into each other.

anthropologie starfish cuff

{ Why wouldn't you want to have a gigantic starfish on your arm? Photo Courtesy Anthropologie}

The teacher man’s sister showed me this gorgeous starfish cuff from Anthropologie a few weekends ago — such a quirky, unique piece whose star power has risen ever since it was spotted on Gossip Girl character Serena’s arm this season. It’s made of reclaimed copper, sterling silver and zinc, and has intricate detailing throughout.

gold plated sea urchin pearl earrings

{I love the texture of these gold-plated sea urchin pearl earrings by Etsy artist debernardmas. Photo Courtesy Etsy}

Casted from original sea urchins off the coast of Jamaica, these 18-karat gold-plated sea urchin pearl earrings are made of sterling silver plated and set with beautiful recessed pearls. Definitely not your average pair of pearl studs.

coach beach ring set

{Sparkly rhinestones and yellow gold plating in Coach's beach ring set beautifully catch the light. Photo Courtesy Coach}

A little flashier than some of my other picks, Coach’s beach ring set features a glittering starfish and clamshell.

silver coral reef earrings by debbyhawaii etsy

{These silver coral reef earrings by Etsy art debbyhawaii would look stunning with sleeked-back hair and a pair of bright coral lips. Photo Courtesy Etsy}

Dangle a bit of the sea from your ears. These fun, funky silver coral reef earrings are lightweight and plated with rhodium.

tentacle stacker rings octopusme etsy

{Slide on an octopus tentacle ring to add a touch of intrigue to your outfit. Photo Courtesy Etsy}

For a tougher take on ocean-inspired jewelry, try on an octopus tentacle stacker ring. It’s a little bit punk, a little bit odd and 100 percent chic. Etsy artist OctopusMe can even sandwich a small stone in between the ends of the tentacle to personalize your ring.

matte silver lotus earrings with freshwater pearls

{These elegant silver lotus earrings with freshwater pearls are part of Etsy seller earringsnation's bridal collection, but I'd show these off while wearing a loose bun and something ballerina-esque. Photo Courtesy Etsy}

Probably the most formal of my ocean-inspired jewlery picks, these silver lotus earrings with freshwater pearls remind me more of pearl-laden oysters than pearl-laden lotus flowers — it’s all open to interpretation, right?


June 20, 2011

recipe of the week | warm mushroom salad with bacon vinaigrette | food & wine magazine

I came home today to the best thing ever: the teacher man cooking up a storm in my kitchen while a full bottle of red wine waited for me on the counter. Armed with the latest issue of Food & Wine magazine, fresh ingredients from Whole Foods and some hip tunes blasting from his smartphone, the teacher man took complete control over Monday night dinner while I sipped cab on my couch and relaxed after everyone’s favorite day of the week.

Knowing how much I love bacon, mushrooms and cheese, the teacher man treated me to a home-cooked meal of Warm Mushroom Salad with Bacon Vinaigrette. As he prepared the meal, my apartment filled with the savory smells of bacon, fresh garlic, wild mushrooms and toasted pecans. In a word, heaven — for foodies.

warm mushroom salad with bacon vinaigrette food & wine magazine

{The teacher man took Monday night dinner to the next level by preparing this scrumptious salad using a recipe from Food & Wine magazine.}

Yeap, I could get used to this.

How was your Monday night?

June 19, 2011

trend report | funky, chunky jewelry

I’ve been on a funky jewelry kick lately. The newest additions to my jewelry collection reflect my ongoing obsession with turquoise and coral shades while adding in a summer-appropriate shell piece.

coral bracelet seashell ring turquoise owl ring

{The best way for a neutral-clothes-lover like me to add color into her outfit is with bright pops of colorful accessories.}

1. Micheline Brierre coral-colored bracelet: Last weekend the teacher man and I headed to his hometown for a fun music festival complete with arts, crafts and festival food. He was sweet enough to join his sister and me for some booth-perusing when this gorgeous piece caught my attention. I tried it on, thought about it for a second and then decided to put it back and look a little more. When I decided I wanted it, it was on the wrist of another potential buyer — worse feeling ever. Luckily, she opted against it, and then the teacher man treated me to a new piece of jewelry. I’ve worn it almost every day since he got it for me! It’s a dyed stone (forgot what kind) strung together with extra beading and metal made by Micheline Brierre of Colorado Springs, Colorado.

2. Turquoise-blue owl head ring: Earlier this month, I spent a little time at a resale shop hunting for hidden treasures. I rarely have that much luck finding fun, funky jewelry that actually fits or is in good condition, but this cute little owl ring was the exception. I paid a whole $5 for it and have been wearing it constantly ever since I lost my other favorite turquoise ring earlier this summer. Not an exact replacement, but something funky and totally in line with my owl obsession. Only drawback is it’s made of nickel — leaves a little surprise around my ring finger after wear. Hey, it was $5.

3. Seashell ring: The teacher man and I did a quick pass through Lawrence, Kansas, today, and I just had to stop in one of my favorite jewelry stores, Adorned. My BGF Caro has gotten me hooked on this funky jewelry store that stocks unique jewelry made from jewels, stones and other materials from around the world. I’ve been hitting the shop up quite a bit lately in hopes of finding a beautiful square-shaped malachite, turquoise or moonstone ring, but nothing yet — so of course I opted for the most random, gaudy ring in the shop. My new seashell ring hails from Bali by way of the talented buyer at Adorned, and I couldn’t be more excited about this steal — $6!

What’s your favorite, most-funky piece of jewelry? Where do you shop for unique jewelry? Give me some suggestions in the comments section.

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