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April 20, 2011

french affair | spring nail polish colors

This weekend, my girlfriends and I are getting together to celebrate a birthday the good, old-fashioned way: a pajama party! Besides tasty takeout, cupcakes, sparkling soda and chick flicks, at-home makeovers are also on our agenda. I’ll be carting over my Kaboodle (OK, I don’t have a Kaboodle anymore, but I really wish I still did — memories!) of facial masks and nail polishes — including my latest purchase, Essie’s spring 2011 “French Affair” nail polish.

essie french affair nail polish spring 2011

{I love the soft colors in this collection. Photo Courtesy Essie}

During one of my many CVS runs (I’m there at least once a week — addicted!) to get my much-needed staple mascara, I toyed around a bit in the nail polish section. After swiping “French Affair” on my thumb for a quick color test, I decided I liked it but didn’t need it at the moment. I came for mascara and mascara only! But then, I decided to join the ExtraCare Beauty Club so I could get an additional discount. After joining, I got three more crazy coupons (Ever been to CVS? Those receipts get loooong with coupons) — one of which was for $2 off any Essie nail polish. The register (and the clerk) must have smelled the drying nail polish on my thumb. I jetted back to snatch up “French Affair,” and I’m so excited to try it out on all 10 fingers (and maybe some of my girlfriends’ fingers, too) this weekend.

essie spring 2011 nail polish colors

{Such a pretty array of polishes for spring. Photo Courtesy Essie}

I adore the color palette of the spring “French Affair” line. From left, there’s the cotton-candy pink “French Affair;” the cool lavender “Nice is Nice;” the moody blue “Coat Azure;” the mother of pearl “Kisses and Bisses;” the nude tone “Topless and Barefoot;” and the beachy casual “Sand Tropez.” CVS didn’t have “Kisses and Bisses” or “Topless and Barefoot” in the store for me to test, but after trying “French Affair” and “Sand Tropez,” I was pretty much sold on the entire line — for the next five visits and rounds of coupons, of course.

What are your favorite spring nail polish lines out right now? What colors are currently on your fingers and toes? Leave me a comment (or send me a picture on Twitter — @kimberlyloc)!

April 13, 2011

summer swimsuit shopping

After a couple hectic weeks, what better way to calm your nerves than to go swimsuit shopping?

As horrific as it usually is, I actually had great luck finding two new swimsuits for the upcoming summer pool season. I haven’t updated my swimwear in a few years (because no, stripping down to my skivvies in mid-March and April and analyzing every inch of pale-yellow skin is not my idea of a fun weekend activity!). Instead of laying on the couch eating cupcakes on Sunday, I decided to treat myself to a painless swimsuit shopping experience at Victoria’s Secret. My outcome was wonderful: four bathing suits in, two bathing suits out, no tears down my face or bad thoughts in my mind. Here’s what I’ll be rockin’ by my pool — and hopefully at a beach! — this summer. Join me?

victoria's secret turquoise daisy push-up swimsuit

{This was the first suit I tried on. Naturally, I was drawn to the calming turquiose, simplistic style and feminine bows. Photo Courtesy Victoria's Secret}

Want to rock this suit too? Check it out online — it’s available in a bunch of different colors and prints so you can mix and match.

victoria's secret sunset glow pailette-embellished triangle top

{I was so ecstatic to find an adorable swimsuit in my other of-the-season color obsession, coral (or "sunset glow, as Victoria's Secret calls it). This swimsuit has sassy sequins up top and flirty rouching on the bum. Photo Courtesy Victoria's Secret}

I absolutely love the detailing on this swimsuit. From the bedazzled triangle top to the rouched backside (check it out online to get an alternate view), this suit is sure to be a head-turner this summer.

Have you gone swimsuit shopping yet for the upcoming pool and beach season? What colors and styles are you eyeing? More importantly, where are you going this summer, and can I come with you? :)

April 4, 2011

keep calm and continue blogging

Life’s been busy. I need a little inspiration to get back into my blogging this week. Check back soon — the madness may calm in a few days.

keep calm and continue blogging


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