November 30, 2010

cold weather comfort foods

Though I hate cold weather, I love cozying up with hot teas, soups and sandwiches when it’s frigid outside. Some of my favorite cold-weather comfort foods wouldn’t have such a prominent place in my diet right now if it wasn’t for freezing temperatures and gloomy days. I guess there’s always a bright side…even in (almost) winter.

peppermint tea with flower

{Invigorating peppermint tea soothes my sore throat and keeps me warm. Photo By webgrl/Courtesy Flickr}

I’ve been drinking Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Herbal Tea for years. It’s my go-to tea for soothing sore throats, calming upset stomachs and relaxing stressed emotions. The refreshing scent of peppermint makes me feel enlivened, even on the darkest days and coldest nights.

tom yum soup

{Spicy Tom Yum soup clears my sinuses and satisfies my need for spice. Photo By The Exo Guy/Courtesy Flickr}

Loaded with lime, garlic, chili peppers, basil, lemongrass and more, Tom Yum soup is one of my favorite powerhouse soups. Because Tom Yum soup packs in multiple herbs and spices, it’s said to be a natural cold- and flu-symptom fighter (and is one of my go-to soups when I’m feeling ill). One of my favorite places to hit up for Tom Yum soup is Thai Homeplace—they sell it by the pot! This is definitely a winter staple of mine—I’ll be mulling over this Tom Yum soup recipe for a while until I perfect my own version of it.

grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup and salad

{I love dipping creamy grilled cheese sandwiches into rich tomato soup. A few greens on the side remind me that warm weather is just a season away! Photo By h-bomb/Courtesy Flickr}

Creamy, gooey, melted cheese on perfectly grilled wheat bread makes my mouth water. Though I love sinking my teeth into a delicious grilled cheese sandwich, my favorite part of enjoying this cold-weather comfort food classic is dipping it into rich tomato soup. Last night, the teacher man amped up my tasty organic tomato soup with a splash of Sriracha and a dash of crushed red peppers to satisfy my craving for a spicy, throat-soothing soup. A light salad on the side added a healthy crunch (and a pop of bright color) to this simple yet delicious cold-weather dinner.

What are your favorite cold-weather comfort foods?

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  • Elle Sees

    i was pretty sick a couple of weeks ago and could’ve used that tea! i’m writing the title down. thanks!

    • kimberlyloc

      Hey Elle!

      Hope you don’t get sick again! Peppermint tea is definitely a good thing to stock up on just in case…and Emergen-C and Airborne, of course. I can’t down enough fluids to get rid of this nasty bug I have!

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