June 25, 2010

michael jackson cupcakes | hey cupcake | austin, texas

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of visiting my friend Danny in Austin, Texas, while I was on a work trip. Danny made sure to introduce me to Hey Cupcake, an airstream cupcakery in the South Congress area of Austin, so I could get a little taste of how Texas does cupcakes.

hey cupcake | austin, texas

{I want to own a cupcake stand someday!}

hey cupcake | austin, texas | michael jackson cupcake

{I loved the creative menu at Hey Cupcake. Of course, the Michael Jackson cupcake stood out to me! Danny is a big fan of Michael Jackson, and I love me some MJ, too, but neither of us opted for the Michael Jackson cupcake. Now I wish I would have tried it!}

Hey Cupcake had the Michael Jackson cupcake on its menu long before the King of Pop died a year ago today. Hey Cupcake’s version of the Michael Jackson cupcake is a simple mix of “black and white” : chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting. While I didn’t choose the Michael Jackson cupcake (I opted for the Snowcap while Danny got 24 Carrot), Michael Jackson cupcakes have been on my mind for quite some time.

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, I decided to try my hand at baking and decorating Michael Jackson cupcakes. Though I know how to make Lady Gaga cupcakes, designing cupcakes that resemble the King of Pop is a little more difficult. However, with a little creativity (and a few props), I was able to pull off an array of strange, funny, creative Michael Jackson cupcakes. Enjoy!

michael jackson cupcakes

{My assorted Michael Jackson cupcakes are kind of ridiculous.}

michael jackson cupcakes overhead shot

{I used a mix of hand-decorated, funny faces, lettering and printouts to decorate my Michael Jackson cupcakes.}

my first michael jackson cupcake

{In my world, Michael Jackson's mouth is made of a red-hot candy.}

michael jackson

{It was difficult to emulate the contours of Michael Jackson's cheeks and chin.}

michael jackson stencil printouts

{Most of the cupcakes that have printouts of Michael Jackson's face are filled with marshmallow creme.}

chocolate and white michael jackson cupcake

{This Michael Jackson cupcake creation of mine is probably the most similar to Hey Cupcake's version of the Michael Jackson cupcake.}

michael jackson chocolate cupcake

{I wish I could replicate this face with frosting!}

michael jackson thriller cupcake

{This cupcake, featuring the image from Michael Jackson's Thriller album cover, is my favorite. Black and white and simple. RIP MJ!}

michael jackson thriller cupcake

{I used a gel frosting writer to pen "Thiller" on this cupcake. It's surrounded with red hots.}

michael jackson dancing on a cupcake

{The brightest cupcake shows Michael Jackson at his best: dancing on his toes!}

chocolate and black frosting michael jackson cupcake

{I used a gel frosting writer, black frosting and chocolate sprinkles for this Michael Jackson cupcake.}

michael jackson bad cupcake

{I love the typography on the album "Bad."

michael jackson bad album cover

{Look at that hair!}

red sprinkles michael jackson cupcake

{Red sprinkles liven up this marshmallow-filled chocolate cupcake.}

black and white michael jackson cupcake

{Half black frosting. Half white frosting. Pure MJ cupcake.}

michael jackson cupcake with black and white frosting

{This cupcake didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it to, but it will still taste delicious!}


{It was difficult to recreate the subtle waves in Michael Jackson's hair. Fondant would be a fun fix for his nose.}

black frosting white candy michael jackson cupcake

{I love this cupcake. The black frosting looks so rich!}

michael jackson chocolate and white frosted cupcake

{I mixed white frosting with melted chocolate chips to get this light brown frosting.}

michael jackson cupcake afro
{The candy teeth are the best part of this Michael Jackson cupcake.}
younger michael jackson afro
{Michael Jackson—gone too soon.}

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  • http://www.bodiesinfocus.com Megan

    Beautiful, Kim! And so creative! I hope you were listening to MJ when you baked these. I like the last cupcake best, and I can’t wait to eat it later!

    • http://kimberlyloc.com kimberlyloc

      Thanks Megan! I listened to every MJ song I own, and when I ran out (these took a while!), I switched to Janet. :-)

  • Kirsten Hudson

    Awesome Kim! My fav is the white face one without the sunglasses. Although they all are amazing! You should start a cupcake magazine. I will work for you if you pay me in daily cupcakes.

    • http://kimberlyloc.com kimberlyloc

      Hehe, thanks little K. I ate that one! Pictures to come :-) If I start a cupcake magazine, you have to do the e-newsletter…

  • http://ellesees.blogspot.com Elle Sees

    That cracked me up!!

  • Samantha Schwartz

    These are fantastic! The one where you did the red hot for his mouth is surprisingly accurate.

    Gosh you did so many different ones! How long did this take you?

    • http://kimberlyloc.com kimberlyloc

      Thanks Sam! The red-hot mouth one was the first one I made (and my favorite). It took me about 5 hours to bake, cool and decorate these guys. SO FUN! :)

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