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April 29, 2010

inspirational tulips

I have a soft spot for tulips. They remind me of spring in Lawrence, new beginnings and my happy times walking from class to class on the campus of the University of Kansas.

Tulips in front of Strong Hall at KU

{Tulips add color and cheer to the University of Kansas campus in spring. Photo By Richard Gwin/Courtesy Lawrence-Journal World.}

When I graduated college, I asked for a simple, elegant tulip necklace instead of a clunky class ring to commemorate my four years at KU. My lovely sister-in-law gifted me with this beautiful Tiffany necklace:

Tiffany tulip pendantTo keep tulips in my life without setting aside a chunk of my budget for fresh-cut flowers (wouldn’t that be nice?) and counting on being surprised by special bouquets from nice people I know, I’ve discovered the next-best thing to having beautiful tulips in my apartment.

While researching home fragrances for an upcoming issue of Natural Home, I found a company I absolutely adore. Hillhouse Naturals makes elegant, eco-friendly diffuser reeds and soy candles scented with French Tulip essential oils. I love the soft scent and simple packaging.

Hillhouse Naturals French Tulip Diffuser Reeds

{I rarely use diffuser reeds because the essential oils are usually too overpowering, but I love the light, clean scent of Hillhouse Naturals' French Tulip. The essential oils are powerful, but never too heavy. Photo Courtesy Hillhouse Naturals.}

Hillhouse Naturals French Tulip Soy Candle

{Soy candles burn cleaner than conventional paraffin-wax candles. Photo Courtesy Hillhouse Naturals.}

Because I share a bathroom with my Siamese cat, Anya, I keep the powerful diffuser reeds on my bathroom countertop to help balance the odors. I was a little worried Anya would whack the reeds around, but so far she’s been fine with the new addition to the countertop. The diffuser reeds release the sweet scent of French Tulips into my bathroom by allowing the highly concentrated essential oils to seep up through the bamboo reeds and then evaporate. I’ve only have the diffuser reeds in the bathroom for 24 hours, but I’ve already noticed a difference in the smell!

Hillhouse Naturals Diffuser Reeds

{I keep the diffuser reeds close by all my other smell-good stuff.}

I’ll be sharing a more in-depth review of Hillhouse Naturals products on the Natural Home website in the coming week; until then, enjoy these inspiring pictures of my favorite flowers.

pink tulipspurple and yellow tulipscoral tulips

April 20, 2010

adult swim block party in lawrence, kansas

After a jam-packed weekend with friends, I was exhausted on Monday and thought I should stay home and rest. Before dropping my friend Tabitha off at her hotel after work, I decided to stop in, see her room (she was staying at the new hotel, The Oread, in Lawrence) and grab a quick beer at the Bird Dog Bar.

Plans for a quick drink evolved into dinner on the patio at Teller’s; because it was a gorgeous evening, we decided to walk from The Oread to Mass Street—a good few blocks.

As we approached downtown, we could hear loud music and thumpin’ bass—somewhat odd for 7 p.m. on a Monday, but hey, it’s Lawrence. Once we got close to Teller’s, we were greeted by a giant, inflated Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force. I knew right then that it would not be a simple evening of dinner, wine and conversation.

kim and tabitha with carl from aqua teen hunger force

My Carl, what big...legs...you have!

Once again, not much in Lawrence surprises me anymore, but this was a spectacle! Somehow I was completely out of the loop and didn’t know that that Adult Swim Block Party was making a stop in Lawrence for a Monday evening of nice, clean fun.

This funky little carnival, held on Eighth Street in between Mass and New Hampshire Streets, drew all sorts of Lawrencians out to play. It was a promotional event for Adult Swim, the late-night programming on Cartoon Network. I admit, I don’t watch a lot of Adult Swim (I like to adult sleep instead). While I totally didn’t fit in (I was still dressed in my work clothes and banking on a quiet evening at Teller’s!), it was fun to walk around and mutter, “This is really weird,” to Tabitha every five minutes.

kimberlyloc with scary bunny and chicken

I like making new friends.

All the carnival games were hilarious—people stood in crazy-long lines to potentially win stickers, cups and other silly prizes. But it was fun and free. I just played two games—the mini golf game and the facehole toss—but just walking around and seeing everyone having a good time on a Monday night was enough for me!

hairy throw

Who wouldn't want to knock down some hairy heads?

children's hospital surgery

Children's hospital surgery was one of the most popular games of the night.

wheel of deth

I do not like gothic fonts, so I stayed away from this game.

facehole toss

This game was impossible! Well, OK, that guy was able to toss the damp sponge into the facehole. But I wasn't.

pin the pants on carl

Oh Carl, you so sexy.

if you like it put a ring on it

Way to rep Beyonce, Adult Swim.

The Whigs

The Whigs provided musical entertainment at the end of the night.

plastic chicken cup

My lovely prize of the evening, courtesy the mini golf game.

It’s random little events like these that make me love Lawrence in the spring. I can’t wait to see what else is around the corner.

April 11, 2010

spring in lawrence, kansas

I’ve lived in Lawrence, Kansas, for nearly six years. Not much surprises me anymore, but I still love the feeling I get when I spot a character while walking down Mass Street on a beautiful, sunny spring day.

kimberlyloc and beer on mass street in lawrence, kansas

I love beer!

I’m pretty sure this beer was part of a six-pack five-pack trotting down Mass Street, but this was the lucky bottle I picked out to get a snapshot with—look how cute and jolly he is! His only stipulation for getting a picture with him was to find him on Facebook…little did he know that he was getting a bonus value by being my first inspiration for a blog post in quite a while.

Beer, where you at? Find me on Facebook sometime! You were funny.

More springtime posts to come. I’m feeling good. Spring is in the air…

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