March 8, 2010

post cards to google, kansas | topeka changes name to google

By now most of us have heard about Google’s exciting plans to bring lightening-speed fiber optic broadband networks to test cities across the nation.

Dubbed “Google Fiber for Communities,” it’s Google’s experiment in bringing unparalleled Internet speed to consumers at competitive prices. (Yet another step in Google’s plot to take over the world—and I’m OK with that!)

To catch Google’s attention, my neighbor to the west (and the city in which I commute to for work), Topeka, has changed its name to “Google, Kansas” for the month of March. At first I thought this was just silly…but now…I think it’s silly and fun.

Topeka changes its name to Google, Kansas

Topeka has an official proclamation to change its name to Google, Kansas, for the month of March.

My coworker, Kris, had her friends send post cards to her home in Google, Kansas, and surprisingly—one came through! While we know that the postal service mainly looks at the ZIP code for mailing addresses, I’m sure there are a few disgruntled postal employees who would just love to “Return to Sender” those post cards marked for Google, Kansas.

Google, Kansas post card

Kris receives a post card marked for Google, Kansas.

I’m curious to see if this picks up across Topeka Google, Kansas. I’m also wondering why my hometown of Fort Smith, Arkansas, hasn’t jumped on the Google bandwagon; we have a great slogan (Life’s Worth Living in Fort Smith, Arkansas!) and an enthusiastic mayor.

Another idea: Maybe for March Madness, Lawrence, Kansas, could change its name to Jayhawk, Kansas? Or Sherron, Kansas? :-)

Want to send me a post card? Write to Kim Wallace, 1503 SW 42nd St., Google, KS, 66609

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  • KrisB

    I now have 3 postcards and 3 regular cards!! :)
    There are more on their way, I believe! :)

  • kimberlyloc

    I must document! :)

  • You

    I’ve certainly started to like this web-site. At first, I thought it was not the ideal, however it has certainly grown on me. Wonderful job enticing me in hahaha.

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