grapeseed oil benefits: grapeseed oil for healthy nails and cuticles

grapeseed oil

My bathroom counter is filled with all sorts of magic potions. A small canister of grapeseed oil lives along with my tray of perfume and bottles of olive oil and coconut oil.

Why so many oils? Doesn’t one size fit all?

While olive oil is perfect for almost everything, I like to vary what oils I use for specific natural beauty remedies. While I douse my hair in coconut oil and slather olive oil on my dry face, I like to use grapeseed oil on my delicate cuticles and nails.

grapeseed oil

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Though I like to keep my nails short, it drives me crazy to have jagged cuticles that snag on snuggly fabrics and lead to painful hangnails. By moisturizing my cuticles with grapeseed oil every night, I keep the cuticles hydrated and smooth. It make having short nails look less masculine; trust me, people do notice your hands.

Grapeseed oil has a light, smooth, silky texture and is odorless.  Grapeseed oil is loaded with antioxidants, vitamin E, vitamin C, Beta-Carotene and vitamin D. Grapeseed oil’s biggest benefit is that, along with all these powerful vitamins and antioxidants, it’s ultra-moisturizing without being greasy like some other fruit and vegetable oils.

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  • I use whale oil, and I highly recommend it, but it’s hard to find good whale oil outside of the black market these days, mostly on account of those damnable environmentalists. I have been looking for a way to make my hands look less masculine though, painting my nails pink only did so much.

    Have you tried motor oil?

    • ha ha ha greg. i use killer whale oil. what now? :)

  • I’m also a fan of the coconut oil hair mask. Sometimes I’ll combine sugar, honey, and olive oil to make a body scrub. I’ve been meaning to try argan on my hair, but I still have a tube and a half of my Fekkai glossing cream. Why fix what ain’t broke?

    I’m also a big fan of floral waters. I keep rose water and orange flower water in the fridge. They’re nice for freshening up my hair and face, especially in the summer. They’re also good in lemonade and I’ve had my eye on a recipe for Persian Love Cake that has rose water in it as well.

  • game

    I think may be you are right.I find it on google.Thank you.

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  • Bonnie V.

    I would definitely recommend argan and hempseed oils as an all purpose. They are highly moisturizing, they boost hair and nail strength, and they are incredible for the hair. One home remedy I have for my dry, brittle hair is taking coconut milk high in fat, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar. The coconut milk is highly moisturizing, and is a great detangler, the apple cider boosts sheen and shine, and coconut oil is another hydrating agent.

  • Good ideas, Bonnie. I love argan oil…use it on my face and hair, but it’s a little pricey so I have to be careful how I use it. I should look into the coconut milk! Sounds like a great concoction. Thanks for the tips :)

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  • Jeanette Strieby

    I use Rosehip oil in my moisturizer and on my hands and nails. I used to have dry brittle nails that I never could grow long. If I wanted to have nice nails I would have to wear fake nails. Now my nails grow beautiful and long and strong. My sun spots have disappeared and fine lines and wrinkles have vanished. Rosehip oil is definitely my go to for my body. Grape seed oil is amazing for my hair. No more chemicals and I couldn’t be more pleased.