February 3, 2010

valentine’s day poem fail

Time to gear up for Valentine’s Day. I thought this was a smooth move. Apparently, though, nice gals finish last:

Valentine's Day Poem Fail

At least I tried. :)

I guess you’d have to understand the odd relationship I have with my friend/coworker. Basically, I say weird, creepy things to her just to get a reaction, and she rejects me every time. :)

Stay tuned for more Valentine’s Day misfortune.

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  • Carolyn

    Haha. Importance: High.

    • kimberlyloc


  • http://imaginaryheroine.wordpress.com imaginaryheroine

    I just loled…for real. At work. Shit…. Look busy!

    • kimberlyloc

      ill send you some love poems soon.

  • KB

    I love it!! :)

    • kimberlyloc


      • KB

        You gonna send me some too? :)

      • kimberlyloc

        if youre good.

      • KB

        But I’m always good!!! :)

  • KB

    And why don’t I get to put a pix up?

  • http://www.westervin.com/blog/ Sarah

    Congrats on 200 visits! That’s really impressive considering you’ve only been up for a few weeks. If you have any tips on increasing traffic, don’t hold out :)

    • kimberlyloc

      hey lady…do you know how to SEO your content? also, do you know how to bake lady gaga cupcakes? :) i chalk it up to those two things. xo

      • krisbethea

        Hey Sarah,
        That’s just Kim. She’s one of those amazing people for whom things just fall into place.
        What really impresses me is that she never lets get to her head and is still nice to everyone no matter their walk of life.
        But that doesn’t make us any less jealous… *grin*

        love ya Kim! :)

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  • http://mindingmymanners.blogspot.com/ chelsea rae

    This made my day. Seriously.
    Though, i feel that anyone who can’t imagine this phrase coming out of Jessica’s mouth is really missing out on part of the funny.

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