January 31, 2010

i love today | sunshine, french toast, children’s books, old cast-iron skillets

I love today.

After waking up fairly early (way before noon!), rolling around in bed and piddling around a bit in the shower, I grabbed a delicious breakfast (French toast of course) at First Watch with a nice person. It’s been a while since I’ve been to First Watch; the wait wasn’t terrible (spent 10 minutes reading a sweet children’s book, Owl Moon, which won the Caldecott medal when I was three years old, and paging through the thesaurus—don’t laugh!) and the atmosphere was fabulous. The host seated us at a booth in front of the jolly pianist, who was playing, “All You Need is Love,” and some other fun Sunday songs. What a great start to this sunny, beautiful day.

Because it’s finally above freezing and sunny, I decided it was a good day to give the Camry a good wash. She’d been accumulating tons of snow, dirt, salt and dirt in the past few weeks, so it was time. She looks gorgeous! Now, about that interior…

Silver 2009 Toyota Camry

Cami cleans up well.

After the carwash, I trekked downtown to Borders to find some fun books for my two cousins in Oklahoma City who just had birthdays—12 and 6, wow!. I’m the nerdy cousin who likes to get them educational things for their birthdays (though I have broken down and bought video games for them) because I want them to have the same passion for reading that I had at that age (and now!). I picked up Diary of a Wimpy Kid for the 12-year-old cousin and three Curious George books for the six-year-old boy. I like to try to find fun books that encourage them to expand their imaginations and escape to a fun land. I think that’s a little easier for the younger child; for the older kid, it’s a little more challenging to make reading seem fun. I hope this book does it for him! Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a New York Times bestseller and includes cartoons and a handwriting-esque font that makes it look more like a diary; I hope the colloquial tone appeals to a too-cool 12-year-old.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid; Curious George books

I hope my cousins love these books!

My most exciting purchase today came from the Lawrence Antique Mall. I love perusing through this two-story mall for treasures (they had adorable vintage valentines that I almost bought, but I like making my own, so I resisted), and every time I go, I always lust over the old-fashioned cast-iron skillets. Well now…I own two! A mama cast-iron skillet and a baby cast-iron skillet (still need the big daddy cast-iron skillet) for $17—score! My mom swears by cast-iron cookware (that’s all she ever uses in the kitchen—and she still owns the same set from more than 30 years ago!) and has converted me, too.

Cast iron is fabulous because it withstands high heat, maintains a superb nonstick surface (sans toxic perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA)) and will last forever with proper care. Right now, my new cast-iron skillets are coated in cooking oil and salt and baking in the oven at 400 degrees to amp up the seasoning it may have lost while hanging out at the antique store waiting for me to take them home. When they’re finished baking, I’ll let them cool in the oven, wipe them down and store them until I’m ready to make some cornbread or pancakes.

Cast-iron skillets from Lawrence Antique Mall

Look at that adorable baby cast-iron skillet! These look great on my stovetop.

In a few hours, I’ll head downtown again to participate in the Haiti Benefit Show at Liberty Hall and catch up with my former classmate Ranjit over drinks and good music. Have you donated to help Haiti yet?

Help Haiti | Liberty Hall | Lawrence, Kansas

Hope to see you at the Help Haiti benefit tonight!

What a beautiful day. I love today. How is your day?

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  • http://imaginaryheroine.wordpress.com imaginaryheroine

    Your 12 year old cousin might enjoy the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer. It’s about an 11 year old criminal genius who sets out to steal gold from the faeries.

    It’s a sort of Sci-fi/Fantasy mix. There are some magical elements, but a lot techno gizmos as well. Artemis has lots of gadgets and the faeries have nuclear-powered jet packs and such. There are martial arts and rocket ships and all kinds of high-action fun.

    Also – pineapple upside down cake in a cast-iron skillet is awesome. Do eeeeeeeet!

    • http://imaginaryheroine.wordpress.com imaginaryheroine

      oh, FYI, Artemis is a boy. I know a lot of boys that age can be like “A book about a girl? This is a girl’s book!”

  • Caro

    I like the front seats in Cami in the fully reclined position, please. Party in the USA!

    • kimberlyloc

      bahahahaha! :) ridin’ dirty to miley

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