January 29, 2010

perfume reviews | pure turquoise by ralph lauren

Everything I learned about beauty comes from my mother. While she doesn’t covet expensive, designer makeup like I do, she does have a nose for designer perfume. I grew up smelling Chanel No. 5, Yves St. Laurent Opium and White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor. Judging from these perfume choices, it’s evident my mother is a fan of sandalwood (a note in all three perfumes)-noted perfumes that are on the heavier, more feminine side.

In my own fragrance stash, I have some perfumes that emulate my mother’s nose for fierce, womanly scents. Today, I spritzed on Pure Turquoise by Ralph Lauren. It was a Christmas present from my brother a few years ago, and I only wear it sparingly—it’s a little heavy for daytime (I kept it to one light spritz this morning), but perfect for an evening out (two spritzes for my sushi night out with the ladies).

Ralph Lauren Pure Turquoise

I love the turquoise-topped lid.

While Pure Turquoise by Ralph Lauren doesn’t have sandalwood notes, it has a base of patchouli (yes, that patchouli!), amber, birch wood and light vanilla, and is laced with lily of the valley, orange flower and rose. Pure Turquoise by Ralph Lauren is sexy, woodsy-floral and definitely exotic. Wear this perfume to get attention; pair it with a smoky eye and long trench coat to really get heads turning.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you about the perfume I wear most days that even gets my female coworkers asking, “What perfume are you wearing? It smells sooo good!”

What perfume do you wear? Tell me your signature scent in the comments section!

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  • http://imaginaryheroine.wordpress.com imaginaryheroine

    I’m still a fan of the light, soapy or floral scents like Amazing Grace or Vera Wang.

    When I feel businessy, I’ll wear Ralph Lauren Romance and when I really feel like I’m swimming with the sharks, I’ll wear Dior Pure Poison. White amber, sandalwood, musk, and just the slightest hint of Immacutyou,bish!

    • kimberlyloc

      i haven’t owned ralph lauren romance in so long, but every time i pass it on the counters…i long for it. a good, sophisticated staple. my perfume tastes run across the board…im not into candy/foodie scents, but i love woodsy, oriental, exotics…and can handle some florals, too. i love the way vera wang smells on you!

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  • Jessica

    Hi this is my first time visiting your blog and its amazing. :) I just got my own pure turquoise bottle. I was wondering if your perfume was also a faint yellow color when you first received it. Thank you (:

  • http://kimberlyloc.com kimberlyloc

    Hi Jessica!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the sweet comment :)

    I don’t think my Pure Turquoise perfume was a faint yellow color when I got it…is yours? Does it smell fresh? It may just be an odd oxidation thing…could be worth taking it back to the store you got it from to check, though!

    Happy reading! xx

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