January 28, 2010

lady gaga cupcakes testimonials and more sunday baking fun

I’ve been the most popular girl at work this week thanks to my Sunday baking spree. On Monday, I brought homemade, whole-wheat-powdered-sugar-double-chocolate-chip-cookies to the office—I was lucky to be able to snag two for myself.

Powdered sugar double chocolate chip cookies

The powdered sugar set these cookies apart—and left an easy-to-trace trail to repeat cookie monsters!

Tuesday, I brought in a batch of funky cupcakes that I decorated on a whim. It was interesting to note which cupcakes my coworkers snatched up first; the last-picked cupcakes were the ones with, ahem, appendages (I was feeling a little wonky with the Twizzlers and Pirouettes!)

funky cupcakes

It literally took me five minutes to decorate these cupcakes—we'll just call them "abstract" cupcakes. I used Twizzlers, Pirouettes, a Hershey's kiss and half a Kit Kat to adorn these cupcakes. I added Ghirardelli chocolate shavings to this batch of cupcake batter when I baked on Sunday.

Wednesday, I gave everyone a chance to let their blood sugars stabilize in preparation for today: The unveiling of the Lady Gaga cupcakes in real-life form. Most of my friends and coworkers had already seen pictures of the Lady Gaga cupcakes online, but some hadn’t—talk about some funny looks and smiles! My bosses probably think I’m a strange cookie (or strange cupcake?), but I think the Lady Gaga cupcakes fit in with my oddball personality (my blog’s random quote, “You are interestingly quirky,” is something an acquaintance told me before…and I take pride in that! :))

I asked those who devoured the Lady Gaga cupcakes to write me a few sentences about their experience taking a bite out of Lady Gaga’s cupcake face (I ate one, too…the Paparazzi-inspired Lady Gaga cupcake). My lovely friend and coworker Megan Hirt, who was bold and chose the red-lace-face Lady Gaga cupcake (the one with the Twizzler hat!), was the first to respond:

I love listening to Lady Gaga’s infectious jams, imitating her dance moves and feasting my eyes on her unabashedly eccentric attire. Now, I can add “taste” to the list of Lady Gaga-inspired sensory experiences I’ve had, thanks to Kim and her fabulous Gaga cupcakes! I had the liberty of nomming the notorious red-lace-face Lady Gaga cupcake, and not only was it absolutely delectable, it was so much fun to eat! I know the idea of “eating your favorite pop star” sounds a little macabre, but Kim’s creativeness coupled with the sugary frosting and “Bad Romance” playing in my head as I chewed made for one of the best food-related moments of my life. —Megan Hirt, Lady Gaga cupcake fan

Megan Hirt

Megan Hirt shows off her newly acquired, about-to-be-devoured Lady Gaga cupcake.

Notice how Megan was brave enough to eat the Twizzler appendage first, but admits to being too scared to dig in to the Lady Gaga cupcake—she was too enchanted by Lady Gaga’s red-lace-face sprinkles! But eventually, Megan gave in with a little push from yours truly.

Kim Wallace and Megan Hirt hold a Lady Gaga cupcake.

I showed Megan how to nom her Lady Gaga cupcake. She is a fast learner (and nommer!).

Check back for more testimonials soon. The Lady Gaga cupcakes were super cute and edible! Talk about frosting overload :) I’m incredibly flattered and psyched by the response these Lady Gaga cupcakes got in the blogosphere, and I’m pumped (and anxious) to get going on my next pop culture cupcake baking spree (set for this Sunday). I already have a theme in mind, but what suggestions do you have? Write me a comment and tell me what kind of cupcakes I should bake next!

Until Sunday, walk, walk, fashion baby, work it make that bitch crazy!



Cupcake aficionado and coworker Aubrey Vaughn comments on the Lady Gaga cupcakes:

I feel so honored. Not only did we get to see the original Lady Gaga cupcakes, but we got to eat these one-of-a-kind creations. The Lady Gaga cupcakes are as delicious as they look, with a sweet cupcake taste that is as delightful, though happily more consistent, than the Lady’s wardrobe choices. The perfect antidote for any Bad Romance. —Aubrey Vaughn, cupcake aficionado

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