January 25, 2010

this makes me happy | lady gaga cupcakes

I love cupcakes, so I decided to bake some tonight. But these aren’t just any cupcakes…these are Lady Gaga-inspired cupcakes! I think Lady Gaga is genius and absurd—and I hope these cupcakes reflect my admiration for her! I don’t think I’ll be able to eat these Lady Gaga cupcakes…they are just too cute. Enjoy.

Six beautiful Lady Gaga-inspired cupcakes by Kim Wallace!

Which one is your favorite?

Side shot of Lady Gaga cupcakes

Lady Gaga's sunglasses are a wardrobe staple.

Lady Gaga cupcake inspired by the style in the music video for "Paparazzi"

This was my first Lady Gaga cupcake—and my favorite! I love those sunglasses.

Lady Gaga's look in the video for "Paparazzi"

Her lips are black, but you get the idea.

Lady Gaga cupcake inspired by her red lace mask and outfit at the 2009 VMAs

This Lady Gaga cupcake was the most fun to make—red sprinkles served as red lace and sliced Twizzlers made up her red crown that she wore at the 2009 VMAs when she accepted her award for Best New Artist.

Lady Gaga accepts the award for Best New Artist at the 2009 VMAs.

How could I NOT make a Lady Gaga cupcake inspired by this look? Priceless.

Lady Gaga cupcake inspired by "Poker Face"

I like the shape of the sunglasses she wears in "Poker Face."

Lady Gaga Poker Face

I wish I had clear crystals to don on my cupcake, but I think the design was pretty solid overall.

Lady Gaga wreath headpiece 2009 VMAs

Who DIDN'T notice this insane wreath-esque headpiece Lady Gaga wore at the 2009 VMAs. This cupcake was simple to produce: dramatic eyes and coconut flakes...done!

Lady Gaga's wreath headpiece from the 2009 VMAs

I would like a Lady Gaga wreath to hang on my door. But for now, a cupcake will have to do.

Lady Gaga phantom of the opera/ VMA red carpet cupcake

This Lady Gaga cupcake was difficult to master. It's inspired by her red carpet look at the 2009 VMAs, where she donned black feathers on her face and bust area and a gold eye shield; very Phantom of the Opera-esque.

Lady Gaga's red carpet outfit at the 2009 VMAs

Somehow, her feathers don't look like a beard. Hmm.

Lady Gaga bow hairstyle cupcake from Poker Face video

I hate that I had to outline the Lady Gaga bow hairstyle in black, but it wouldn't have stood out without it. This Lady Gaga bow hairstyle ALMOST makes me want to get extensions. Fabulous.

Lady Gaga rocks the bow hairstyle she made famous in the music video for "Poker Face."

Lady Gaga's bow hairstyle reminds me of Minnie Mouse.

Lady Gaga cupcake shopping list and sketches

I like that I wrote "need a disco stick" on my shopping list and sketch paper. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a disco stick at Dillon's.

Lady Gaga cupcake sketches

These sketches cracked me up just drawing them.

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